If you’ve been checking your Instagram account over the last week, chances are you’ve come across the locally-produced series of one-minute videos entitled ‘The Lost Identity’.

Produced by social media influencer Rano Iskandar and directed by A’aqiil Ahmad of Filter Works Production,the 10-part series explores how technology is a double-edged sword which can influence human behaviour.

It also highlights the struggles, successes as well as the unanticipated consequences of being a social media influencer. The main characters are played by Mohd Al-Amin Afiq Safwat Abarahan and Hanisah Mohd Zakaria.


Sine the first episode was released on the first day of Ramadhan, seven episodes have been uploaded with over 120,000 views across four Instagram accounts — Ranoadidas, Filter Works Production, Amirul Adli and Amal Daud. The remaining episodes will be uploaded in the coming days.


‘The Lost Identity’ carries Rano’s personal touch as it is based on his own experiences as a social media influencer.  He said the series is a reminder to those who wish to become a social media influencer in the future to not be tied down by technology and not to forget about the human part of themselves.

 “Everyone can become a social media influencer. As long as you have your Instagram and Facebook accounts, some of the things that you do are what the social media influencers are doing,” Rano told The Scoop.

 As long as you are on social media, you have the power to ‘influence’ whether you know it or not.

Rano was among the first in the sultanate to embrace life as a social media influencer 15 years ago, and along the way he has had to navigate through ups and downs. A few years ago, he suffered a case of ‘lost identity’.

“I had this alter ego as a social media influencer. There are times when I have to go out to meet people and I question whether I should go as Ranoadidas or I should go as Rano Iskandar,” he said.


According to Rano, in the lives of social media influencers,  insecurity and its ugly cousin jealousy can pop up from time to time.  

“These elements are explored in the series. I believe that every story must have a strong message. The theme of the series is quite dark and I believe many people [will feel like it is relatable to them]. But, there are also elements of surprise and humour that many people can [appreciate]”, he added.

He said they didn’t have a script for the shooting. During the shooting, the cast members are simply acting their character.

‘The Lost Identity’ is produced by Rano Iskandar (C) and directed by A’aqiil Ahmad (2nd L) of Filter Works Production. Mohd Al-Amin Afiq Safwat Abarahan (2nd R) and Hanisah Mohd Zakaria (R) play the lead characters. Photo courtesy of Rano Adidas.

“We have very talented people and it’s not just about the script. It’s about the cast’s personalities, facial expressions and gestures that can make the characters stand out. I am putting pressure on myself and Filterworks Production, I hope that this project will be a huge success,” he added.

In order to reach a broader audience, Rano engaged Amirul and Amal as social media partners because of their different demographic.

“I have a different demographic even though I have quite a lot of followers. Amirul and Amal’s followers are different from mine — they cater to the younger audience. They will be reposting the videos on their social media, because it is important that we bring the message to younger audience.”