Launched in September 2017, The Scoop is a platform for independent journalism that focuses on telling thoughtful stories about the people, trends and issues shaping Brunei.

We’re not a daily, instead we choose to focus on explaining the news in a more reflective and relevant way for a millennial audience. 

In just four years, we have become Brunei’s most popular news website, launched an annual print magazine and a weekly show on Progresif Radio.

We founded this publication with the belief that journalism is an essential public service, one that is under increasing threat from diminishing advertising revenue, censorship and bad actors in the real and virtual worlds.

We want our journalism to remain as open and accessible as possible — which is why our website has no paywall — because everyone deserves equal access to accurate news.

Our chief ambition is to inform and empower Bruneians to engage with the issues of the day, and to help shape public discourse around issues that matter to this community. 

The Scoop is published by Scoop Media, a company founded by four journalists — Ain Bandial, Hadthiah Hazair, Rachel Thien and Rasidah Hj Abu Bakar.

It is Brunei’s first — and only — female-led newsroom and media company.

We are financed primarily through advertising revenue, and do not receive funding from government, or any other political or economic interest group. 

Although our product is free, journalism is still expensive to produce. This means we run a lean operation, with just a few full-time staff and a talented roster of contributors. 



Founders: Ain Bandial, Hadthiah Hazair, Rachel Thien, Rasidah Hj Abu Bakar

Editors: Ain Bandial, Rasidah Hj Abu Bakar

Sub-Editor: Shareen Han

Multimedia Contributors: Rudolf Portillo, Faiq Airudin

Web Developer: Hazirah Marzuke, Longan Digital