The all-new Hyundai Kona is built to impress — from its handsome exterior to its sophisticated features.

The compact five-door crossover SUV boasts a design that combines sculptured lines with a stylish edge, making the Kona expressive from every angle.

Available in 10 colours, the Kona has a two-tone roof which allows you to customise colour combinations to fit your personal style, and is clad with a distinctive high-contrast fender and sporty 18-inch alloy wheels.

Photo: Saifulizam Zamhor/The Scoop

When climbing into the SUV, you might be surprised by how spacious the interior is, considering the compactness of the vehicle.

Photo: Hyundai Brunei

But what customers are most impressed with are the Kona’s sophisticated features, says Nazim Mua’azasbri of Setia Motors Sdn Bhd, the main distributor of Hyundai vehicles in Brunei.

These features include seamless connectivity and innovative tech to make life easier: such as a head-up display (HUD) with Apple Carplay™ and Android Auto™, a digital information cluster, and wireless charging for your phone.

Drivers can also expect a high mounted 8-inch floating touchscreen that provides maximum visibility and promotes better driver concentration.

When it comes to safety, the Kona has state-of-the-art features: forward parking distance warning; a rear-view camera; blind spot collision warning; rear cross-traffic collision warning; as well as a tire pressure monitoring system.

“The car also offers an all-wheel drive system for optimum handling and cornering performance, which makes driving slippery surfaces and bumpy country roads much safer and more fun,” says Nazim.

Photo: Saifulizam Zamhor/The Scoop

Bruneian couple Nor Raihaanah Hj Kassim and Abi Safwan Hj Ali Hassan purchased a Kona back in May, and have never looked back.

“We love using it —  it has a strong and impactful design with the latest features. It’s also an ideal size for the two of us who drive to Telisai almost daily.”

Photo: Saifulizam Zamhor/The Scoop

Apart from its features, Nor Raihaanah said the car is also reasonably priced, making it a worthy purchase.

To check out the new Hyundai Kona, drop by the Setia Motors showroom or visit their website. You can also follow the latest updates through their Facebook and Instagram channels.