Cuckoo International (B) Sdn Bhd recently launched a brand new home appliance designed to encourage green living and efficiency.

Modern, sleek and smart, the Inductrio is a hybrid induction hob that aims to provide convenience and improve your cooking experience. It comes equipped with two smart induction tops and one highlight top.

“As our company is the first to introduce an induction and highlight top to the market, we are quite optimistic that [with heightened awareness and an affordable introductory price] it will take off ,” Managing Director Wong Kim Guan, told the media on Monday night.

“We want to educate the public on energy saving [aspects] as well as its safety features. We notice that a lot of houses use gas hobs which are quite dangerous but with our hob, it’s much safer and environmentally friendly.”

Cuckoo Brunei’s Marketing Director Wong Hui Ting (R) speaks during the launch of the comapny’s new Hybrid Induction Hob, as Managing Director Wong Kim Guan (L) looks on. Photo: Rafidah Hamit/The Scoop

The hob has various safety features including a touch button malfunction, heating prevention function, remaining heat warning light, container sensing function, abnormal temperature increase prevention and auto-off function, among others.

“[With these features] users won’t have to constantly man the stove which takes too much time and effort. Our product will take care of your cooking for you so you can leave it while attending to other things,” said Wong.

The induction tops feature powerful, high-frequency electromagnets that generate magnetic field which instantly heat up the pan and not the cooktop’s surface, making the hob safe to touch even when it is turned on.

Users can freely adjust and control various functions with a simple touch, as the Inductrio uses one-touch direct control and voice navigation.

Cuckoo Brunei’s Chef Ing (L) and local blogger Ranoadidas at the Hybrid Induction Hob launch. Photo: Rafidah Hamit/The Scoop

Through its unique heating control technology, such as the IH Ultra-High Temperature Mode and Induction Booster Function, the Inductrio allows users to cook dishes quicker, while fine-tuning the energy used.

The hybrid induction hob also has a number of energy saving features to minimise electricity consumption.

Cuckoo Brunei’s Chef Ing (R) and a staff member during a cooking demonstration using the new Hybrid Induction Hob. Photo: Rafidah Hamit/The Scoop

“All our products are certified as being green and eco-friendly — we want to make sure to save energy with every product we come up with,” said Cuckoo Brunei’s managing director.

“[We want] to give back the community as well as the environment. So we really believe in implementing eco-friendly efforts and hope that more Bruneians will hop on to this initiative.”

And if you’re worried about cleaning, fret not — cleaning is made effortless with the cooker’s stain-resistant surface, made with unglazed porcelain tiles.

If you want to get your hands on the Inductrio, it will be introduced to the market during the 22nd Consumer Fair, held from January 23 to 27.

Priced at $1,550, the package comes with with a one-year free natural care service and a free Inductrio case stand worth $400.

Cuckoo Brunei will also be introducing a “Rent to Own” plan priced at $59 per month with five years free natural care service.

“The rental rates are introduced to make it more affordable for everyone. We believe in ensuring that everyone can enjoy our products,” said Wong.