BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN – It is important to train students for the jobs of tomorrow in order for them to become relevant in the market, said a member of the Legislative Council.

YB Siti Rozaimeriyanty DSLJ Hj Abd Rahman, who is also the president of the Organisation of Engineers, Quantity Surveyors and Architects Brunei (PUJA), added that tripartite strategic partners — between private sectors, government and educational institutions — are needed to understand the barriers as well as develop workforce strategies.

In her presentation during the 14th Global Congress and Conferment ceremony at the Empire hotel and Country Club on Tuesday, touched on the need to develop a digital culture, capacity and mindset.

“It is important to work closely with institutions and not just with industry [players], but also government. [This is to help us come up] with solutions… to ensure that the policy and education is being tackled.”

YB Siti Rozaimeriyanty presenting her research paper ‘ Developing a digital culture, capacity and mindset’ at the research colloquium as part of the 14th Global Congress & Conferment Ceremony. Photo: Hazimul Wa’ie/The Scoop

Some of the solutions highlighted include implementation of industry-relevant education and developing roadmaps to provide a clear picture of national-level readiness for future jobs and transition strategies.

“There is need for in-depth training for students in higher educational levels with collaboration of academic leaders, industry players and the government… give [students] the opportunities to explore,” she said.

For industry players, Siti Rozaimeriyanty said there is a need to rethink the education system and make education and training an investment priority.

She emphasised a stronger coordinating and financing role in developing best practices and providing necessary funding to support human resource development.

“In terms of youth empowerment, there is a need to review policies and procedures to be more youth-friendly and transparent,” she said.

Royal Institutions of Singapore and Philippines together with local registered training organisation, Syarikat Pakar Tenaga Bersatu (PTB) organised the 14th Global Congress Conferment Ceremony at the Empire Hotel and Country Club on February 26, 2019. Photo: Hazimul Wa’ie/The Scoop

The three-day event is co-organised by the Royal Institutions of Singapore and Philippines together with a local training organisation, Syarikat Pakar Tenaga Bersatu (PTB).

Themed “Global leadership and its impact on sustainable development”, a research colloquium was held on the first day to discuss 23 research papers covering various disciplines including education, oil and gas, waste management and disaster training.

PG Hishamuddin Alli, the founder and managing director of Pakar Tenaga Bersatu giving a welcoming speech at the Royal Institution Singapore’s 14th global congress & conferment ceremony. Feb 26, 2019. Photo: Hazimul Wa’ie/The Scoop

Managing director of Pakar Tenaga Bersatu, Pg Hishamuddin Pg Jaya Indera Pg Hj Mokhtar Puteh, said: “We firmly believe that with the proper qualifications and skills, and international accreditation afforded to our locals, they will become much more employable and marketable in the global market”.

The event will also see the awarding of certificates and medallions to 129 doctor fellows, senior fellows, fellows, senior members and members.

Fifteen Bruneians will be recognised for their personal and professional achievements on Wednesday, including three artisans from Mahkota Crystal who have been recognised for their mastery in producing artwork moulded from glass.

The event also aims to support and promote Brunei as an ideal destination for education, tourism and investment.