Who says beauty and self-care is only for women? The Guardian Beauty Days Sale has made health, beauty and self-care accessible to everyone.

To help our male customers join the Beauty Days celebration, we spoke to comedian, actor and social influencer Kai Anwar about his self-care regime.

We gave him a challenge: $50 to purchase a month’s worth of beauty products from Guardian Brunei.

Here are Kai’s budget-friendly picks:

1. Wash it!

“Shampoo is the most important product to start my day. I use Kerasys Moisture Clinic Shampoo ($6.90). It gives my hair a smooth and tangle-free feeling even if I leave it to air dry,” says Kai. “After shampooing, I use the Kerasys Moisture Clinic Conditioner (7.90).”

2. Style It!

“For styling, I use Lucido Designing Hairspray ($11.00) and after that the Uber Men Spike Wax ($6.90). Although you can use one or the other, I always use both for styling and for that extra hold throughout the day.

“I am a traditional dancer so my hair gets flipped, flopped and blown a million times throughout the day. So my styling gels are really important.”

3. Work It!

“No hairstyle is perfect without that glow to your skin. Men can totally benefit from this too! I moisturise daily, with Garnier Light Complete Whitening Serum Cream ($4.50).

“I don’t neglect my night routine either — my choice is the Garnier Light Complete White Speed Yoghurt Sleeping Mask ($12.30).

Grand total: $49.50

To enjoy these deals, head over to your closest Guardian Brunei stores from Thursday to Sunday until March 31, 2019.