BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN – SMARTER Brunei is calling on the public to help them raise funds to continue providing training and support for children with autism and their families.

SMARTER President Malai Hj Abdullah Hj Malai Othman said the NGO is struggling to cover its expenses and are hoping that its upcoming charity bowling event will get support from the public.

The NGO’s overheads reach $500,000 annually, but the organisation only receives approximately $144,000 in school fees each year, and depends on public and corporate donations to stay afloat.

During a press conference on Friday, Malai said: “If my staff leave, then I really have to shut down and turn away some of the parents who have not been paying, which would make me feel bad… This is why we try to maintain [our operations] as much as possible… and we are pushing with this [upcoming event].

SMARTER’s first charity bowling event is organised in partnership with the United Architects of the Philippines (Brunei Chapter) and the Pinoy Bowlers Club (PBC). The charity event is also held in conjunction with the 12th World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD).

Preliminary rounds will be held throughout the month of April, beginning on April 7 at Utama Grand Bowling Sdn Bhd, Aman Hills Bowling, and Grand Seria Bowling Centre. The preliminary rounds will determine which participants will compete in the finals on April 28 at the Grand Seria Bowling Centre.  

According to the SMARTER president, they are expecting 4,000 participants, hoping for a minimum of at least 1,000 participants.

Registration is $25 per person and can be completed through the SMARTER hotline at 7172991; or by contacting the United Architects of the Philippines at 8906095 and the Pinoy Bowlers Club at 8850164/8760953.