BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN – Tasconi’s Pizza, Brunei’s first home-grown pizzeria is celebrating its 25th anniversary with some great deals for customers.

Tasconi’s invited us over to check out some of their latest offerings this Ramadhan:

Package 1 of Tasconi’s Pizza 25th anniversary promotion. Photo: Hazimul Wa’ie/The Scoop.

If you’re a fan of Tasconi’s famous beef roll then this is the set for you. For just $25, you can get a set that includes one regular pizza, one Tasconi’s beef roll, one serving of spaghetti and one Shepherd’s Pie.

But if you fancy some wings or cheese sticks as sides to your pizza, then you can opt for the second promotional set which includes one regular pizza, one serving of Mexican wings, one lasagna and one serving honey tower cheese sticks — all for just $25.

Package 2 of Tasconi’s Pizza 25th anniversary promotion. Photo: Hazimul Wa’ie/The Scoop.

For either of these sets you can choose from any of Tasconi’s 20 pizza flavours, such as crowd favourites Honey Garlic Chicken, Veggie Slim, Margherita and theTriple Cheese.

Tasconi’s has also recently added two new flavours to the mix — the Lamb Kebab Delight pizza and Moroccan Lamb Gourmet pizza — both marinated with a special seven-spice mix.

Tasconi’s lasagna. Photo: Hazimul Wa’ie/The Scoop

Operations manager Syef Ismail Faris said the new recipes were in response to evolving customer tastes.

“My sister came up with the Moroccan Lamb Gourmet recipe, which was paired with the Moroccan seven spice marinade created by my mother to give the pizza the exact flavour we wanted which was a more Arab and Moroccan taste,” he said.

“The Kebab Delight is an existing menu item that our customers love, but this time around we thought we’d use lamb instead of beef.”

The Moroccan Lamb Gourmet pizza and Lamb Kebab Delight pizza from Tasconi’s. Photo: Hazimul Wa’ie/The Scoop

And if you love your side, Tasconi’s have a couple new appetisers on the menu: sausage bites and the jalapeno wings, guaranteed to satisfy your snack cravings.

You can also pair them with any of the homemade dips and sauces for just $2.50, with flavours such as jalapeno pepper, chili mayo, Tasconi’s sauce, and smokey BBQ.

Sausage bites dipped in Tasconi’s special sauce. Photo: Hazimul Wa’ie/The Scoop
Tasconi’s Mexican wings with dips. Photo: Hazimul Wa’ie/The Scoop

To try out any of these lip-smacking options, call these numbers for Tasconi’s delivery: 2335222 & 2334999 (BSB), 3333222 & 3335730 (Belait); and 2670222 (Tutong).

Or you can always pay them a visit at any of their dine-in branches:

  • Berakas branch: Simpang 145, Lot No. 10102, Ground Floor, Unit no. C5
  • Tutong branch: Spg 14, Unit No 5, Ground Floor, Bangunan Hasbollah Yusof Puteh
  • Belait branch: B2, Block B, Bina Industrial Area, Spg 114, Jalan Setia Di-Raja, Kg Pekan Belait