Want to keep cool with air conditioning but worried about high electricity bills?

Fret not as you can now beat the heat with Panasonic’s new Aero series inverter air conditioners, which prevent wasteful energy use to reduce costs.

AEC Sdn Bhd, the premier provider of eco-intelligent air conditioners and services in Brunei, is offering Panasonic’s Aero series inverter air conditioners.

AEC sales executive, Mohammad Khairil Shah Hj Abd Halim, said the Aero range comes with patented air purification Nanoe technology system, inverter technology and intelligent eco-sensors to ensure good indoor air quality.

Here are some key features of Panasonic inverter air conditioner:

1. Energy-saving temperature control

A non-inverter air conditioner can only operate at a constant speed which is too powerful to maintain the set temperature.

This results in wider temperature fluctuations that lead to wasteful consumption of energy. 

Inverter prevents wasteful energy consumption by altering the compressor rotation speed according to temperature changes.

2. R410 eco-friendly refrigerant

The coolant in the air conditioning system makes use of the R410 refrigerant, a model that has a much lower impact on global warming. The R410 refrigerant is considered environmentally-friendly because it does not contain chemicals that damage the ozone layer.

3. Human absence detection and sunlight sensor

The air conditioner is equipped with two sensors – human activity and sunlight sensor. Together, they monitor human location, movement, absence and sunlight intensity to use energy more efficiently.

The human activity sensor detects human absence in the room, changes in human movements and activity levels. It also adjusts cooling power accordingly to prevent energy wastage.

The sunlight sensor detects the sunlight intensity and helps control cooling temperatures to provide optimum comfort.

4. Nanoe health technology

The Nanoe tech-based air conditioners remove microorganisms and dust particles as small as 2.5 micrometers (PM2.5) from the air by trapping them in the filter for deactivation. This makes your living environment cleaner and better for breathing.

5. New and improved warranties

From January 1 onwards, customers who purchase inverter air conditioners at AEC are eligible for a two-year warranty, inclusive of all parts and labour charges incurred from the date of purchase. The two-year warranty is an increase from the previous one year warranty.

The aircon compressor is entitled to a 10-year warranty from the date of purchase, which was extended from the previous 7-year warranty.

The first two years of the warranty for the air conditioner unit is inclusive of all parts and labour charges. However, there will be labour charges starting from the third year onwards.

All replacement parts will be given a one-year warranty, but labour charges will apply within the warranty period.

All inverter air conditioners installed before January 1 will not be entitled to the new warranty terms, but replacement parts will be entitled to a one-year warranty with labour charges.

For more information, you can visit AEC at Lot 47, Spg 46-19, Beribi Industrial Complex, Kampung Beribi, Jalan Gadong BE1118 or contact their office at 2449 431. The Panasonic Aero series is available at Panasonic distributors across the country.