BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN – Lexus Brunei has unveiled its 2020 RX, a luxury SUV that boasts an advanced suspension system and an intuitive touchscreen display for a smooth driving experience.

Lexus Brunei – the sole distributor and retailer of the Japanese luxury brand – revealed the 2020 RX at its showroom in Gadong on Friday.

Building on the iconic Lexus design, the 2020 RX exterior retains a powerful and sporty appearance, while the character lines that run from the front of the vehicle to the rear has been improved to give the SUV’s overall appearance exceptional flow and consistency.

The redesigned slender headlamps give the front fascia a newfound sharpness, while the combination lamps in the rear exhibit an ‘L’ shape motif.

Vice president of Lexus Asia Pacific, David Nordstrom, said the RX pioneered the luxury SUV segment in 1998 and was the world’s first luxury hybrid SUV in 2003.

He said the brand continues to improve and evolve with superior quality and advanced technology to create value that can’t be imitated by others.

The launch of the Lexus RX 2020 in Gadong on Feb 14, 2020. Photo: Yusri Adanan/The Scoop


Vice president of Lexus Asia Pacific David Nordstrom (L) presents a token of appreciation to managing director of NBT Brunei Hj Ahmad Omar (R) for NBT’s efforts to grow Lexus in Brunei. Photo: Yusri Adanan/The Scoop

The RX’s enhanced stability

The suspension system and increased body rigidity are some of the biggest changes to the RX that contribute to driving pleasure.

Lexus said its chief engineer Takeaki Kato was determined to deliver an enjoyable driving experience in the form of enhancements to the body rigidity and suspension with a new shock absorber and brake control system.

The end result is a vehicle with a superior handling feel and precision.

The new RX also features active cornering assist that suppresses under steer when stepping on the throttle in mid-corner, as well as improvements in the tuning of the electric power steering.

The refinements result in a truly linear steering feel, allowing the RX to accurately trace the desired driving line in all types of conditions.

Image: Lexus

Moreover, the redesigned RX’s shock absorbers are equipped with a new friction control device that further reduces high-frequency vibrations caused by minute road surface imperfections.

The shock absorbers also enable the RX to conduct flat cornering and achieve exceptional responsiveness.

Seamlessly incorporating your smartphone

The 2020 RX features a new touchscreen display in addition to the original Lexus remote touch interface which changes from controller to trackpad.

Smartphone usage is incorporated into the design with a new phone holder and USB port, plus connectivity to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Voice control is enabled via native cloud connection, or customers’ phones to Apple Siri or Google Assistant. Likewise, drivers can select either Lexus navigation or smartphone versions.

Image: Lexus

Guest experience centre gets facelift

Lexus Brunei also unveiled a new look for its guest experience centre, which was inspired by Japanese craftsmanship and omotenashi a brand core value characterised by an unwavering commitment to exceptional hospitality. 

Standout elements include a ceiling with over 17,000 signature Lexus spindle grilles and a customer lounge with comfortable seating areas and a coffee brewing system.

“The new retail environment is able to create an unparalleled Lexus experience for every guest who visits, be it for a brand new Lexus automobile or quality after-sales care,” Lexus said in a statement.

“The spirit of omotenashi is one of the absolute considerations to ensure the Lexus showroom and its staff are anticipating and fulfilling the guests’ needs at every touch point.”

The revamped Lexus guest experience centre in Gadong. Photo: Courtesy of Lexus Brunei

The all-new RX is available for viewing and test drive at the Lexus showroom from February 15.

Lexus Brunei is offering a special 3.6 percent interest rate promotion for all its vehicles until the promotion ends on February 29.