Ride-sharing startup Dart will be offering a 36 percent cashback reward for all users who hail a ride as part of its National Day promotion.

The cashback bonus promotion applies to all rides anywhere and is valid for two days from February 23-24.

For commuters who wish to attend the 36th National Day Parade, they can enjoy $2 off from their fare when they ride to and from the Dart stop at Eco-Corridor Bridge in Batu Satu on February 23.

The Dart app now offers cashless payments.

Dart Logistics CEO Zul’Amali DP Hj Idris said the company believes in supporting Bruneians in all national events and assisting local business activities with ride promotions and other collaborations.

Dart said its growth in number of rides has doubled last year and is projected to expand further.

The startup has provided a platform for almost 200 Bruneians — up from 40 in 2018 — to earn an income as a driver.

Dart said its most diligent drivers can earn up to $3,000 in a month, while 30 percent of drivers make over $1,000.

Khairur Anwar Ramli said joining the ride-hailing company as a driver has given him more flexibility in making a living.

“I get to be my own boss, have an adventure and my earnings have made me happy.

“And as a bonus, I get to meet new people and make new friends,” he added.

Another Dart driver, Imelda Farrah Zohre, said she does not need to wait until the end of the month to get paid.

“Low-income earners like myself can now earn more,” she added.

Dart is also looking to recruit more drivers based in Belait, Tutong and Temburong districts.

With the upcoming launch of the Temburong Bridge, Dart said demand for rides to and within the Temburong district is expected to increase.

Since its launch in May 2017, the startup has added more features to its app such as cashless payments and an upcoming in-app chat feature to maintain the privacy of drivers and riders’ personal details.

Dart said it is also working with the Ministry of Transport and Infocommunications and Land Transport Department to provide public transport solutions beyond ride-hailing services.