BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN — Progresif Media debuted its first locally-produced original miniseries Serpihan Masa Lalu on Friday.

Serpihan Masa Lalu, or ‘Fragments of Time’, is a coming-of-age story of friendship, love and heartbreak set against a backdrop of some of Brunei’s most picturesque settings, Progresif said during a screening of the first episode at The Empire Brunei cinema. 

The three-part miniseries follows a 21-year-old bookworm named Dalilah, played by debutante actress Wafiqah Abu Bakar, who experiences the highs and lows of first love and heartbreak.

Head of Progresif Media Olivia Ong said: “As the first Progresif Media Original, we are extremely proud of Serpihan Masa Lalu. What the cast and crew have been able to achieve is nothing short of exceptional.

“We hope this production will be well-received by the audience, and that people will also engage with additional podcast series that takes the audience behind the scenes and highlights the creative process.”

Progresif CEO Hjh Nurul Haniah (C) and Permanent Secretary of Culture, Youth and Sports Hjh Nor Ashikin (4L) at the premiere of Progresif Media’s first original series, ‘Serpihan Masa Lalu’. Photo: Courtesy of Progresif

The series casts first-time actors Safwan Sofian, Hamizan Iman, Yaseerah Husny, Selina Khoo, Amir Shamri, Ayesha Said, Aiman Mateen and Fakhrul Razi.

Ong added that the media streaming platform will allow local creatives to be paid for their work without needing 100,000 subscribers to monetise their content, as it does on YouTube.

Progresif Media has signed a revenue sharing agreement with the content creators that will see them paid for every stream of Seriphan Masa Lalu on the mobile app.

The series was produced through a collaborative effort between Vertex Films, NHAT Studio and Kashf Kreative.

Launched in August this year, Progresif Media is a video and audio content streaming platform that aims to showcase original Bruneian content.

The app is available for download on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, and subscriptions are open to all Brunei mobile users on all networks.