BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN – Indie publication Hana Zine will publish a book featuring 100 creatives to celebrate their work and contribution to building the Bruneian arts scene.

The Brunei-based mag is expected to launch the 100 Beautiful Creatives book at the end of January 2021.

Hana Zine, self-described as a digital depository of contemporary arts and culture, selected the featured artists after encountering their work over the past two years.

Some of the featured creatives include Liyana Hanif, Faiq Airudin, Tasha Ramli and Wazif Zamri.

Hana Zine co-founders and siblings Richelle and Wryck Ret during the unveiling of the 100 Beautiful Creatives Art Installation and Exhibition. Photo: Ailin Lai/The Scoop

As a preview of the upcoming book, Hana Zine unveiled an art installation and exhibition on Saturday showcasing 100 fabric portraits of the featured artists.

The siblings behind Hana Zine, Wryck and Richelle Ret, collaborated with photographer Franz Lanzaderas to take portraits of the creatives for the exhibit.

Taking five months to create and curate, the one-day exhibition showcased 100 printed portraits on sublimated fabric.

Guests view the fabric portraits of creatives who will be featured in Hana Zine’s 100 Beautiful Creatives publication. Photo: Ailin Lai/The Scoop

Wryck said the exhibition, which was held as part of the Tiny Lit Fest, took inspiration from a kedai kain or textile shop.

It intends to challenge stereotypes surrounding creatives as being “entitled, cliquey, exclusive and culty”, the siblings said.

We want to foster a more fun creative scene, so that people won’t feel intimidated by it. Moving forward, we just want to create a more accessible art scene for everyone,” said Richelle.

Hana Zine previously created a list of ‘100 Game Changers‘ last year, featuring emerging and established artists in Brunei.

The 100 Beautiful Creatives book is now available for pre-order.