The key to healthy and hydrated skin starts from the moment we wake up. But what if you have dry, itchy and sensitive skin?

Finding the right facial cleanser and moisturiser products is especially challenging for those with sensitive skin.

If you’ve been struggling to find effective skincare products with ultra-gentle yet premium ingredients, look no further than the perfect facial duo from Suu Balm – Gentle Moisturising Facial Cleanser and Suu Balm Cooling Itch Relief Facial Moisturiser.

Formulated by Dr Tey Hong Liang, a senior consultant dermatologist at Singapore’s National Skin Centre (NSC), Suu Balm is ideal for anyone with dry, itchy and sensitive skin. It is also suitable for those suffering from eczema or psoriasis. 

This means that Suu Balm products will not cause red, irritated skin or trigger allergic reactions.

Follow this simple 2-step facial routine and you will never go wrong with Suu Balm.

Photo: Courtesy of Suu Balm

Step 1: Cleanse and nourish with Suu Balm Gentle Moisturising Facial Cleanser

This ultra-gentle facial cleanser should be a staple in your skincare routine regardless of whether you are a no-fuss and basic “wash and moisturise” type of person or have an elaborate 10-step skincare routine.

It is no secret that the first step of our skincare routine must leave our skin feeling clean and refreshed without stripping moisture.

Suu Balm facial cleanser formula is highly moisturising with rich, creamy shea butter that cleanses thoroughly without drying your delicate facial skin.

It is also free from SLS, SLES, soap, sulfate, parabens, preservatives and fragrances, making it hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin.

With a healthy skin-matching pH level at 5.5, the facial cleanser helps to keep your skin soft and supple.

Step 2: Relieve itch, soothe irritation with Suu Balm Cooling Itch Relief Facial Moisturiser

A good facial moisturiser is essential, especially if you have dry, itchy and sensitive skin. Suu Balm’s facial moisturiser does the job in preventing dryness, soothing irritation and repairing a damaged skin barrier rapidly.

With five types of ceramides that are identical to our skin, the moisturiser locks in hydration and helps restore the skin barrier for a healthy, moisturised skin.

Suu Balm Cooling Itch Relief Facial Moisturiser contains menthyl lactate that offers cooling, rapid relief without stinging the eyes.

Northern truffle extract is also used as a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient that tackles redness and soothes irritation effectively.

The facial moisturiser glides easily on your skin as it is lightweight, while its non-sticky texture makes it suitable for frequent use especially in hot, humid weather like ours.

If you’re worried about mask-related acne during the COVID-19 pandemic, Suu Balm ensures that its products will not cause breakouts due to the friction of skin against masks, while soothing any irritation or hypersensitivity that may be caused due to long hours of mask-wearing.

Free from parabens, preservatives and fragrances, Suu Balm facial moisturiser will not clog your pores and the hypoallergenic formula is also suitable for newborns and above. So try this super gentle moisturiser for rapid relief if your baby has milk rash, saliva rash or irritated cheeks.

If you can’t get enough of Suu Balm and enjoy its soothing goodness, try using its Dual Cooling & Moisturising Cream Body Wash and Rapid Itch Relief Moisturiser for that perfect top to bottom skincare routine.

Suu Balm products are available at Guardian stores and selected clinics. Suu Balm Gentle Moisturising Facial Cleanser 100ml retails from ($19.90) and Suu Balm Cooling Itch Relief Facial Moisturiser 50ml is priced from ($39.90).