Looking for a new coffee place to hang out with family and friends? You can add Tranquillity Café in Kiarong to your go-to-list.

Located on the ground floor of GoodLife Financial Planning Sdn Bhd, Tranquillity Café aims to be a space for sharing sessions while allowing GoodLife Financial Planning policyholders to enjoy freshly brewed coffee.

Goodlife Financial Planning was established in 2010 to provide clients with business and financial solutions by working with key professionals and notable institutions in the financial sector.

Managing Director of GoodLife Financial Planning Ang Kian Guan said “the sharing centre is mainly for the company’s policyholders to have a place to relax, and each customer can enjoy a cup of delicious black coffee when they come to the centre”. 

“We set up the café not mainly for profit, but to provide services to customers. Customers can sit and relax during the business hours of the coffee shop, while enjoying the comfort brought by the quiet environment,” he added.

Craving coffee? Check out Tranquility Café to your caffeine fix. Photo: The Scoop

Tranquillity Café is also the perfect family-friendly coffee shop that sells sourdough pastries from Leaves & Loaves, as well as tea. 

Visitors who attend a GoodLife Financial Planning sharing session can also bring along their children as there is a space catered for children.

Tranquillity Café is a family-friendly coffee shop with a space catered for children. Photo: The Scoop

With its homey vibes and great service, Tranquillity Café’s play area is not only equipped with toys, but also books that were contributed by Ang’s granddaughters.

If they’re feeling peckish, the little ones can enjoy classic favourites such as peanut butter, Nutella, kaya and jam toast. For drinks, children can opt for chocolate milk or Milo with milk.

Tranquillity Café also offers pastries from Leaves & Loaves. Photo: The Scoop

The café is also looking to add cereals, fruits and grilled cheese sandwiches in the future. 

Tranquillity Cafe is located at No. 4, Ground Floor, Block D, Kiarong Complex (same building as GoodLife Financial Planning Sdn Bhd). The cafe is open from 8am to 6pm. Follow them on Instagram for more updates.