Bruneian brand Boeffi International (B) Sdn Bhd has expanded its product range with the newly launched Ergonomics line of professional chairs and electronic riser tables available now in two collections – The Office Collection and The Gamer Collection.

Last weekend, Boeffi had its second special viewing event featuring its new product category at the Boeffi Brand Store located at Times Square Shopping Complex.

The public responded favorably to the event as Boeffi introduced promotions and a rent-to-own plan, aligned with the company’s desire to provide an affordable ergonomic set-up.

Due to the overwhelming response from the public, the next Boeffi pop-up will take place from September 2-4, from 10am to 9pm on the 1st Floor of Mabohai Shopping Complex.

What Boeffi Ergonomics has to offer

Boeffi Ergonomics chairs sport a range of fabulous features designed to improve comfort and efficiency to the next level.

The Ergonomic Collection offers a comfortable, adjustable seating position designed to provide great lumbar support. This helps maintain posture and reduces pressure on the hips, the risk of back pain, neck and shoulder problems.

The Office Collection offers two choices between the V1 MAX and the V1 PRO chairs.

To complement these chairs are the electronic riser desks, ET1 PRO and ET1 PLUS, both designed with adjustable desk height. The tables are controlled by motor technology enabling them to operate silently while moving.

This collection is perfect for home or office use, specifically designed to provide complete rest to the main structures of the body that are prone to stress while working.

The Gamer Collection is a solid choice for the gaming community in Brunei, with Boeffi introducing two gaming chairs and a gaming table – the G1 PRO, G1 PLUS and GT1 PRO.

Both chairs will help elevate your gaming sessions, while the electronic riser desk features built-in RGB illumination. Gamers using the GT1 PRO are surely to enjoy a vivid and immersive lighting experience!

Expanding into Ergonomics chairs is in line with Boeffi’s goal to look after the health and well-being of our customers.

“Any seat is comfortable until you try one of ours,” said Marilyn Lim, the general manager of Boeffi.

“It carefully supports your back, maintains posture, and when paired with one of our tables, it creates the perfect workstation.”

For more information, visit Boeffi’s websiteFacebook and Instagram pages.