With shopping complexes mushrooming in the sultanate, the recently-opened Aman Hills is prepared to engage in smart management strategies in order to entice tenants and patrons alike.

According to a representative from Aman Hills, it is already at 70 per cent occupancy. However,  the opening dates of its tenants will be staggered as most are still in their renovation stages.

“In terms of [anchors], we have Leong Wui and Mr DIY,” Roland Wee told The Scoop, adding that this month, it is expecting to see the opening of more than 10 new tenants including City Mobile and OKKY. A bowling alley will open in August and the much anticipated skating rink will be operational in September this year.

It will also see new international franchises setting up shop such as Korea’s Miniso and Japan-based bakery Komugi.

“We are planning to hold attractive events and at the same time [we have unique attractions such as] premium seating cinemas and the ice skating rink to help pull in crowds,” Wee said.

An artist impression of the skating rink slated to open at Aman Hills in September. Photo: Aman Hills

“To ensure that we keep tenants happy and attract crowds, it all comes down to proper management, creative marketing as well as competitive pricing… We want more attractive tenants in Brunei and we have to find a smart way to educate Bruneians to spend locally,” he said.

The general manager of Good Home, David Lau, said that they chose Aman Hills to open up their second branch because of the shopping complex’s “ideal location”.

“[Aman Hills] is a place with both shopping and entertainment… It is also near residential areas,” Lau said, adding that all these factors make Aman Hills an ideal choice for them.

Since Good Home opened up shop there last week, the general manager said sales have been encouraging with continuous stream of customers.