Looking for a twist on the traditional Nasi Lemak? You are in for a treat as McDonald’s Brunei has launched its Nasi Lemak Burger today. 

The burger is made up of a juicy coconut flavoured chicken thigh with an irresistible cornflake crunch, special sambal sauce, fried egg, caramelised onions and fresh cucumber slices on a chili bun.

While not in its traditional form, it is guaranteed to make your mouth water as you’ll be greeted with an unmistakable aroma of sambal upon receiving it.

The fast food franchise is also introducing a line of desserts that will make you “Go Bananas”.

Go Bananas with the latest selection of desserts: the Banana Sundae and the Banana McFlurry Party. The fast food franchise is also bringing back the Pulut Hitam Pie. Photo: Rafidah Hamit/The Scoop

You can either try the Banana Sundae, a cup of Vanilla soft serve topped with bananas or the Banana McFlurry – bananas and chocolates mixed with Vanilla soft serve.

If you find that “a-peeling”, there’s more!  Why not go for the new up-sized Banana McFlurry Party to share with friends or better yet, indulge on it yourself. Other flavours available include the Strawberry McFlurry Party and the Oreo McFlurry Party.

Customers can also look forward to the Cendol Flavoured Sundae, which can be topped with chocolates or strawberries to give it that extra oomph. Other varieties include the Cendol flavoured cone, the Cendol and Vanilla mix or the Cendol Chocotop.

Apart from introducing the new items, McDonald’s is also bringing back the Pulut Hitam Pie which was launched last year in September.

McDonald`s Brunei Marketing Executive Filah Salleh said the desserts will be available as early as 6am today. These latest additions will be available for a limited time only for dine in, takeaway, McDelivery and Drive Thru. For more information, follow McDonald’s Brunei official Instagram page or reach them at 2449669 for deliveries and inquiries.