This Ramadhan, make the Jerudong Park Food Court your one-stop food destination, especially if you’re craving for more than one type of cuisine.

Dubbed the largest open food court in the sultanate, its amenities, convenience and variety make it one of the best places to go to for food. The food court is open everyday until as late as 12 am and the venue is divided into two areas: Phase 2, which is the first building on the left of the road as you enter; and Phase 3 — the second building on the right.

A customer receiving her orders at one of the vendors at Phase 3. Photo: The Scoop/ Rafidah Hamit

Be prepared to be spoilt for choice in Phase 2, where you’ll be able to indulge in Malay, Western, Korean and Mexican cuisines. The list of vendors here include Seri Kenangan Indah Restaurant, Chick’n Roll, CocoJam Restaurant and Ricardo’s Catering.

For those who prefer authentic Bruneian street food, fret not! Phase 2 of the food court also has a barbecue area famous for its tongkeng, which was recently opened on April 14. There are also plentiful of other vendors selling satay and grilled meats.

The new barbecue area was opened as an area for vendors to ensure safer and more hygienic food preparation. It was also built to provide a covered area to continue operations during the rain as well as a better experience for members of the public.

Meanwhile, in Phase 3, you can find authentic Singaporean dishes from Maritza Restaurant, ikan bakar from PGM Jaya Restaurant and Catering, soto from Restoran Soto Haji Tuah Bin Raman and Restaurant & Katering Soto Pro as well as  desserts from Deluxe Daily Food Sdn Bhd (BLITZ).

If you’re craving fresh seafood and Indonesian cuisine, then head on over to Pondok Sari Wangi Seafood Restaurant located just next to Phase 2. The restaurant accepts walk-ins but bookings are advisable to avoid disappointment. Pondok Sari Wangi also has private rooms to accommodate gatherings for large groups.

The venue has plenty of proper seating areas. Photo: The Scoop/Rafidah Hamit

Also available within the vicinity is international joint McDonald’s — perfect for fast food lovers who want to grab meals on the go from its drive-thru option.

As mentioned earlier, the Jerudong Park Food Court does not disappoint in terms of variety and amenities. The venue is a perfect place to dine with your friends and family as it has plenty of proper seating areas and facilities including male and female prayer rooms.

There is even a free-to-play area for children and the Jerudong Park mini pirate ship.

The food court also features a free to play area for children, and the Jerudong Park mini-pirate ship. Photo: The Scoop/ Rafidah Hamit

If you’re running low on cash, the site has two ATM machines for Standard Chartered Brunei and Baiduri Bank customers located opposite the McDonalds’s drive-thru.

Whilst the rides are closed during the whole month of Ramadhan, the public can still enjoy the diverse food selection guaranteed to satisfy any palette.