As the nation prepares to celebrate the monarch’s 72nd birthday this weekend, Jerudong Park Playground has planned something special for everyone to enjoy. We dropped in on the amusement park this weekend to scope out some of the most popular rides:

1. Bumper cars

The bumper cars at Jerudong Park Playground. Photo: Saifulizam Zamhor

Our first ride was chaotic! Located near the Waterpark, we kicked off our evening with a bop around the adult bumper car circuit.

Everyone was trying to “bump” into as many people as possible while trying not to get hit. The great thing was, we were playing against a large group of families who were definitely eager to have some fun. So if you’re up for a rough ride, then this is the game for you. Just prepare to get bumped in all directions.

2. Ice World Arctic Rapid

The Ice World Arctic Rapid at Jerudong Park Playground. Photo: Courtesy of JP Playground

This new ride is located at Phase 2 of the playground, which covers an area of 52,695 square metres.

One of the two new water rides, vistors at the Ice World Arctic Rapid will experience a wild descent through a ‘canyon’ river.

Each four-seater boat is pulled up a steep incline, then navigates the curves and bend of the river through a special fibreglass channel. The climax, of course, is when the boat reaches the peak of the canyon then rushes down the channel the bottom of the river — the perfect ride if you’re looking to cool off!

The ride tries simulates a rafting experience – so prepare to get drenched.

3. Superkarts

The SupaKarts circuit at Jerudong Park Playground. Photo: Saifulizam Zamhor

If you enjoy the thrill of the chase, then Suparkarts is for you. For this ride, players will use an open-wheel car to race each other on a scaled-down circuit. Unlike bumper cars, try not to hit anyone!

4. Giant Swing

The giant swing at Jerudong Pak Playground. Photo: Saifulizam Zamhor

For the adrenaline junkies, JP also has several rides at the Ecoadventure Kingdom.

We first tried the giant swing – visitors are raised over 14 meters in the air before being dropped down in a swing-like motion.

It may seem scary at first but after the initial drop, you’ll begin to enjoy the breeze and rush that comes with being swung back and forth 50 feet in the air.

5. Flying fox

The flying fox at Jerudong Pak Playground. Photo: Saifulizam Zamhor

If you’re not afraid of heights and want to let adrenaline override your common sense then you have to try the flying fox.

Words can’t describe the feeling as you “fly” across the 220 metre-long zip line and take in the entire view of Phase 2.

It was the perfect last ride before calling it a day. In fact, it actually made us want to go for another round!

The Ecoadventure Kingdom also boasts a 16 metre tower where people can climb up the tower’s 10m wall or  “Parachute Jump” down the whole 16 metres.

Visitors can also experience the only Roller-glider in Borneo which is a mixture of hand gliding and zip lining, reaching speeds of up to 50km/h over a 165 metre-long course.

Jerudong Park is open from Thursday to Sunday. For opening hours and other details, you can hop on their Instagram page.



• Before going to the park, we recommend wearing comfortable clothes and shoes or sneakers as some rides do not allow slippers or sandals.

• Visitors also won’t have to worry about getting hungry or thirsty as food vendors and vending machines are available throughout the playground at at JP foodcourt.

• If you’re tired of walking and need a little help going around or just want to enjoy the breeze, you can hop on the train as it ferries you around the park.

Until the end of the month, Jerudong park is offering a special rate for both residents and non-residents. Adults will only have to pay an entrance fee of $10, while children aged between 3 to 11 will only have to pay $5.

This special offer is valid from Thursday July 12 and will end on Sunday, July 29. Visitors will also be able to use the tickets for all rides including the Waterpark and Phase 2 rides.