Get ready for the all-new 2019 Lexus ES, a midsize luxury sedan with a wide yet sleek coupe-like silhouette for a comfortable and smooth ride.

The new seventh generation Lexus ES was launched on Friday night at the Lexus showroom in Gadong.

Invited guests had the opportunity to have a feel of the new Lexus with its sharpened performance, world-class safety technology and Takumi craftsmanship.

Photo: Saifulizam Zamhor/The Scoop

Lexus sales executive Pg Ariulhisham Pg Johnis said the design of the new ES is bolder and more unique.

It is longer, lower and wider, derived from the all-new global architecture-K (GA-K) platform, resulting in better aerodynamics.

With a spacious interior and a new disruptive sound system, the new sedan comes in 10 colours, including two new shades to complete the ES’s bold new look: Ice Ecru and Sunlight Green.

Ice Ecru was designed to mimic light reflecting off fresh snow, while Sunlight Green replicates the colour of ocean water brightened by the sun. These shades will change under different lighting, depending on the time of the day.

Deputy Managing Director of NBT Brunei Hj Ahmad Omar Hj Husin tests out the new Lexus ES 250. Photo: Saifulizam Zamhor/The Scoop

The sedan also has enhanced efficiency with the new eight-speed direct-shift automatic transmission — a Lexus first.

It is a key feature for smarter, sharper gear shifting which means the car automatically selects the optimum gear based on speed, acceleration and the individual’s driving habit.

Customers can also expect a silent drive with noise countermeasures, such as sound insulation and absorption.

Photo: Saifulizam Zamhor/The Scoop

Muhammad Clovien Abdullah Timpoh, manager of NBT Brunei’s marketing department, said Brunei is the first country in the region to launch the 2019 Lexus ES.

It’s amazing and we feel very proud to launch it first. Lexus isn’t just about cars anymore, it’s about the experience of going from one place to another. The 2019 Lexus ES is really a lifestyle car.

This is where Lexus Brunei is heading. We are heading towards not just selling a car but selling a lifestyle.

Photo: Saifulizam Zamhor/The Scoop

For the ES – which stands for executive sedan –  the company is looking to target a younger demographic.

“Back then, we would see an older demographic buying this type of car but with the new bold look, we expect to see younger customers investing in it.”

Those looking to purchase a more environmentally-friendly alternative can expect the hybrid version in a few weeks, he said.

Two versions of the Lexus ES will be available to purchase – the ES 250 and ES 300h.

“As of now, Lexus Brunei has about seven to eight Lexus ES 250 cars available to purchase,” he said.

Interested customers can drop by the Lexus Showroom to have a look at the cars or visit their website at