“It will never happen to me.” The old fashioned cliché is more prevalent than ever. We hear about flight cancellations, lost baggage and holiday accidents all the time, yet we still don’t think it can happen to us.

But why take the risk? We know travel insurance can seem like just one more expense, but it has become so affordable, it almost doesn’t make sense not to have it.

Here are some of our top reasons why Bruneians should always travel with Musafir Takaful, a syariah-compliant insurance product:

1. You may need to cancel your trip at the last minute

You’ve already paid thousands for your holiday, only to find out that one of your immediate family members has suddenly fallen sick and can’t travel.

With Musafir Takaful, you can claim a refund for any deposits or advance payments for tickets, tours and accommodation.

Missing out on that well-deserved holiday might be heartbreaking, but at least you can get some of your money back to soften the blow.

2. You could get sick on holiday

This is the number one reason why people take travel insurance or takaful. Not all countries have good public hospitals. Medical care in places like the United States can leave you with colossal medical bills.

If you are afflicted by a sudden illness while traveling, with Musafir Takaful you’ll have guaranteed payment if you incur any expenses for medical treatment or hospitalisation.

This is particularly important if you are performing the Haj or Umrah. Carrying out the pilgrimage can be both physically and mentally challenging, especially in the height of the Saudi summer.

The takaful coverage also covers medical evacuation and the compassionate visit of an immediate family member in the case of an accident or sudden illness.

3. You experience travel disruption

Cancelled Ryanair flights are seen on the announcement board as some passengers catch up on sleep in the terminal at Schoenefeld Airport in Berlin on August 10, 2018. Photo: AFP/Odd Andersen

No one can foresee disruptions such as adverse weather conditions or technical problems with the aircraft — both of which can delay your travel for days.

Musafir Takaful covers you in the event of those unexpected disruptions. Annoying events such as flight delays, missed connections, delayed or damaged baggage, are all covered by Musafir Takaful benefits.

Bonus — any expenses from restaurant meals and hotel accommodation during this period can also be reimbursed.

4. You’ve been robbed or lost your travel documents

Pickpockets and robberies are not uncommon in large cities and holiday resorts, particularly during the peak season. In the event you’ve had your cash or passport stolen, Musafir Takaful will indemnify the loss of your personal money and also cover the expense of obtaining a new passport or driving license while abroad.

If your credit card has been stolen, you should call your local bank immediately to freeze your card. But if it has already been used fraudulently, you will be reimbursed for any unauthorised transactions incurred within the first 24 hours of your credit card being stolen. 

And don’t forget, Musafir Takaful also provides 24-hour emergency assistance for participants.

All of the above are good reasons why we need travel insurance or takaful, but the most important one is your peace of mind.

From as low as $19, you can take up TBA’s Musafir Takaful and travel without any worries, insyaAllah.

To find out more about Musafir Takaful, contact the TBA Call Centre at 224 4000. Operating hours are: 8am – 7pm from Monday to Thursday; 8am – 11am and 2.30pm – 7pm on Friday; and 8am – 5pm on Saturdays.