Mark your calendars for a day of sports discovery this Sunday, September 30, at the Royal Brunei Recreation Club (RBRC).

From 2pm to 9pm, members of the public can participate in various activities at the Ultimate Sports Carnival organised by Peak Performance Sdn Bhd (PPSB).

These activities include SUP fit, fencing, archery, drone race, diving, MMA kickboxing, JumpShoe, trampoline, Nerf wreck, paintball, Super 8 Soccer, calisthenics, Global Fitness Education and U-Jam, among others.

Yasmin Abdullah, senior finance manager of PPSB, said the carnival aims to introduce the public to discover new and various sports activities to encourage everyone to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The annual event will kick off with PPSB and McDonald’s 1st Junior Soccer Tournament from 8am.

“We are expecting to see over 14 junior coccer clubs competing for the PPSB & McDonald’s Challenge Trophy 2018,” Yasmin said.

PPSB is also collaborating with The Collective Arts Events and their food and craft vendors who will begin selling from 2pm.

During the event, 10 visitors will also stand a chance to win lucky prizes!

Entrance is free and members of the public are only required to pay a game fees which starts from BND2 per activity.

“The carnival is one of the avenues for PPSB to introduce itself as a newly incorporated company that is set up to manage RBRC,” said Yasmin.

“[We hope to see] family and friends join us for a day of fun and fitness with our exciting activities.”

The carnival is organised in collaboration with McDonalds’s Brunei, Weekend Warriors, The Collective, RBTS Paintball Arena, Dive Tribe Borneo, Brunei Parkour, Calisthenics, Nerf Wreck Brunei, Fat Burn Extreme, GMSS Cycle, Athos Fencing and Dojo Studio Brunei.

For more information on the carnival, the public can contact Peak Performance Sdn Bhd at 2342130 or go to their Instagram page for updates.