BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN – Peak Performance Sdn Bhd’s (PPSB) Ultimate Sports Carnival got off to a rousing start on Sunday with a junior soccer tournament involving children from various football organisations across Brunei.

The tournament, organised in collaboration with McDonald’s Brunei, was held at the newly-rebranded Royal Brunei Recreation Club, which is now known as PPSB.

According to the head coach of Peak Performance, the tourney received a positive response from the local footballing community, aimed at inspiring future national players.

“It was great having these experienced organisations compete with us; we saw what we needed to improve in our players and we hope to work with them again in the future,” Muhammad Ali Hj Mustafa said.

“We want to start teaching our team young so that one day if they want to continue playing, they would already have the important basics [of football]… We also aim to enhance their agility, ensure that they will be disciplined players, teach the importance of team building and at the same time live a healthier lifestyle.”

Participants of the Junior Soccer Tournament waiting for the ball to be passed. Photo: Rafidah Hamit/The Scoop

The organisations that participated in the event include Projek Ikan Pusu (PIP), DASH football academy, Sports School academy as well as family teams.

Emerging as champions for the seven to eight year old category was the Sports School Academy group A, followed by Projek Ikan Pusu group B and Projek Ikan Pusu group A.

Meanwhile for the nine to 10 year old category, Projek Ikan Pusu group A scored first place followed by second place winner DASH Football Academy group B. Coming in third was Projek Ikan Pusu group B.

For the 11 to 12 years old category, Projek Ikan Pusu group A won first place. Kilanas Football Academy came in second and Projek Ikan Pusu group B came in third.

Young footballers get the chance to meet McDonald’s mascot the Hamburglar. Photo: Courtesy of McDonald’s Brunei

“We have games every Friday and Sunday at 8am so parents can watch how their children’s skills develop over time,” the coach said, adding that parents who are interested to enroll their children in PPSB football games can contact 2342130.

The carnival was also held in collaboration with The Collective Arts Events, who organised a market of local food and craft vendors.

Several sports activities such as MMA kickboxing, paintball, diving, trampoline, fencing and U-jam were also available for the public.

General Manager of PPSB, Hj Kadri Hj Abd Hamid, said he hopes the carnival will encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle.

“PPSB hopes to provide various activities for the public to try and we hope to see an increasing number of visitors compared to last year,” he said, adding that the carnival was also an avenue to introduce PPSB as a platform for social events.