BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN – More than 100 military and civilian personnel gathered at the Brunei-Australia Memorial at Muara Beach on Thursday for a solemn dawn service to commemorate ANZAC Day.

“ANZAC Day is an important occasion for us to pay tribute to all involved who have made personal sacrifices for the freedoms we enjoy today,” said Australian High Commissioner Nicola Rosenblum.

During the sunrise service, government and military officials from Australia, New Zealand and Turkey recited dedications to the fallen, and also laid wreaths on the memorial.

Ergun Kadak, third secretary at the Turkish Embassy lays a wreath at the Brunei-Australia Memorial during the ANZAC Day service at Muara Beach on April 25, 2019. Photo: Hazimul Wa’ie/The Scoop
Military and civilian personnel attending the ANZAC Day service held at Muara Beach on April 25, 2019. Photo: Hazimul Wa’ie/The Scoop

ANZAC Day is observed on April 25 every year — a date which marks the Gallipoli landing during World War I, which claimed the lives of over 8,000 Australian and New Zealand soldiers — and has since become a day of remembrance to commemorate all Australians and New Zealanders “who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations”.

Australian missions around the world carry out dawn services on April 25 every year.

Brunei and Australia have a military relationship that dates back to the World War II, when Australian forces landed on Muara Beach on June 10 1945, leading the Allied forces’ campaign to liberate Brunei and North Borneo from Japanese occupation.

The Brunei-Australia Memorial was built to mark the site of the landing of the Australian ninth division, and signifies the two countries’ shared history.