Athletes and fitness fiends, get ready to push your limits at the Test of Will slated to take place on July 27 and 28 at the Under Armour Brunei store at One Riverside.

Dubbed Asia’s most advanced urban fitness challenge, the competition aims to provide a platform for athletes and everyday fitness enthusiasts to push the limits of their strength, endurance and power.

The fourth edition is returning with a series of exercise challenges designed by personal trainer Henrik Olofsson: double rope slams, rope Russian twist, reverse lunges and rope pulls.

Members of the public entering the open category can compete in three age categories: 18-34, 35-44 and 45+ years.

Upping the ante, this year’s Test of Will is also introducing a new elite challenger category, designed with added difficulty.

The challenges will last one minute each and participants will be scored according to the highest number of reps they perform in the four exercises.

Michael Binger, CEO of Triple Pte Ltd, the exclusive distributor of Under Armour in Southeast Asia, said the brand’s mission is to get athletes to push the limits.

“We launched the Rush & Recovery collection with this goal in mind and the Test of Will is just another way for us to empower athletes by giving them a platform to put their fitness to the test.”

The ‘UA RUSH’ apparel by Under Armour on display at their store at One Riverside. Photo: Hazimul Wa’ie/The Scoop

The region-wide Test of Will kicked off in Singapore on July 6, followed by Philippines, Thailand and will continue on to Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The highest scoring male and female participants will take home a cash prize of $2,288 for the open category and $3,288 for the elite category.

More than 4,000 people across Southeast Asia participated in last year’s event.

To register, head to website or pop by the Under Armour Brunei store.

Customers can also take part in Brunei’s in-store Test of Will mini-challenge from July 16 to 28, and stand a chance to win Under Armour vouchers.

Ben Pullham (L) briefs participants during UA Brunei’s introductory running workshop in BSB. Photo: Rafidah Hamit/The Scoop

Part of events leading up to the Test of Will, UA Brunei organised a running workshop for 50 participants on Friday, facilitated by former professional triathlete Ben Pullham.

Founder of the heart rate training programme, Pullham also runs a coaching service called Coached, which teaches with participants how to become a stronger, more efficient and faster runner.

“Participants will be taking part in dynamic warm ups, a brief talk as well as run and drills – useful everyday training that everyone can take home and do by themselves,” said a UA Brunei representative.

“He has worked with other big brands such as Nike and other corporate companies making him well-equipped with extensive experience for both novice to professional runners.”