BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN – The second day of the Brunei Young Leaders Convention (BYLC) kicked off on Wednesday with a discussion on youth policy by associate researchers from the Centre for Strategic Policy Studies (CSPS).

Pg Redhuan Pg Rajak of CSPS gave a presentation on the Youth Development Index (YDI), which measures the level of development of young people across several areas, including health, satisfaction with the community, community integration and social problems.

The formulation of the YDI was based on the National Youth Survey conducted by CSPS in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.

A participant of the Brunei Young Leaders Convention asking a question during one of the forums. Photo: Rafidah Hamit/The Scoop

Training officer at the Civil Service Institute, Pg Hj Mohd Ali Noor Pg Hj Ismail, also conducted a leadership session for the 200 youth participants, touching on the importance of effective communication.

“In order to become a great leader, [you] need to have good communication. Communication is important, communication is fundamental to achieve efficiency.”

There were also a number of panel discussions run throughout the day.

The first one, themed “Well-Educated and Highly-Skilled People”, was moderated by The Scoop’s co-founder, Ain Bandial, and consisted of the panelists: Hj Ali Yusri, head of Special Education at the Ministry of Education; Hjh Zainab Hj Omar; human resource director at Brunei Shell Petroleum; Pg Dr Siti Rozaidah Pg Hj Idris, lecturer at Universiti Brunei Darussalam; and Fatin Ariffin, president of the Young Professionals Network.

From L-R: Pg Dr Siti Rozaidah Pg Hj Idris, Hjh Zainab Hj Omar, Ain Bandial, Hj Ali Yusri, and Fatin Ariffin. Photo: Wardi Wasil/The Scoop

The panelists fielded several questions from the audience on employment, education and gaining skills through volunteerism and work experience.

The second forum focused on the topic “Quality of Life”, moderated by media practitioner, Siti Hajar, with panelists from various fields: Lisa Ahmad, founder of Kaleidoscope Studios; Shazrinah Shazali, co-founder of Fuel’d restaurant; teacher and motivational speaker Muhammad Bahri Bohari; fitness trainer Helmi Abdullah; and music producer Juan Madial.

The panelists shared their experiences in entrepreneurship as well as challenges that brought them to where they are today.

(L-R) Kaleidoscope Studio founder Lisa Ahmed, Fuel’d co-founder Shazrinah Shazali; motivational speaker Muhammad Bahri; fitness trainer Helmi Abdullah; music producer Juan Madial; and media practitioner Siti Hajar. Photo: Rafidah Hamit/The Scoop

The second day of BYLC ended with mentor clinics facilitated by the panel speakers and other youth leaders and organisations, including Scoop Media (publisher of The Scoop), Brunei Malay Chamber of Commerce, theatre company Sutera Memento, Kaleidoscope Studios, among others.

The BYLC participants were able to seek advice and guidance from their chosen mentors, as well as get feedback on their projects and future goals.

Founders of The Scoop, Rasidah Hj Abu Bakar (L) and Ain Bandial (2L) conducting a mentor clinic with participants of the Brunei Young Leaders Convention. Photo: Rafidah Hamit/The Scoop

Two hundred youth are participating in the three-day convention, a platform aimed at developing projects and initiatives that contribute to national development. Participants will take part in a series of leadership sessions with BYLC alumni and 45 mentors who have been selected for their contributions to the fields of entrepreneurship, education, health and social affairs.

A Youth Pavilion has also been set up to showcase youth-led projects and initiatives such as Green Brunei, Global Shapers BSB and the 2035 vision secretariat.

The Scoop is the media partner for the Brunei Young Leaders Convention 2019.