The desire to make the most out of life and balance our needs against our wants may seem like a daunting task at times.

The good news? It’s possible to save and invest your money to achieve your short-term financial goals, such as that trip to Europe or home improvement projects.

Takaful Nur Savings from The Takaful Brunei Keluarga (TBK) is a product that functions as a short-term savings plan, systematically designed to grow your savings while providing you with takaful protection.

The plan allows you to put aside monthly savings for up to five years, with a minimum of $25 in monthly installments.

At the end of the maturity period, the participant shall receive the balance from his savings account and any profits generated from the investments.

The payment plan is flexible, with participants having an option to pay either monthly, quarterly, every six months or annually.

Takaful installments can be made through various channels which include standing instruction with BIBD, cash, credit card, debit card, BIBD online payment or TBK Call Centre.

Consider taking Takaful Nur Savings if you are a Brunei resident turning 18 on your next birthday. The certificate, however, must mature before you reach the age of 65.

With Takaful Nur Savings, you can rest assured knowing that you are also securing financial protection for yourselves and your loved ones.

In addition to savings, Takaful Nur Savings is designed to cover death and total permanent disablement, and participants can also opt for two additional coverages, the personal accident coverage and critical illness coverage.

Personal accident coverage provides 24 hours worldwide protection in the event of death or total permanent disablement.

The critical illness coverage covers 23 illnesses including cancer, heart attack and stroke, which are the leading causes of death in Brunei.

Participants who are diagnosed with any one of the critical illnesses listed will be eligible for financial aid, subject to terms and conditions.

For more information on what Takaful Nur Savings can offer, contact TBK Call Centre at 2231100 or visit their counters for details.  More information is also available on their website.