NBT Brunei will unveil a new Toyota model on its microsite on January 2, 2020, the first time it will launch a car on the digital platform.

In a press statement, the car dealer said the exclusive digital car launch will be a first for Brunei and NBT.

“This is going to be a historic moment for Brunei Darussalam,” it added.

The portal features a timeline infographic and daily trivia that can be “unlocked” over the span of 11 days.

The infographic will highlight the new Toyota model’s exterior components and safety features.

The public stand a chance to win prizes by taking part in the daily trivia about the Toyota brand and NBT.

Participants are required to log into the microsite and those who provide correct answers will have the opportunity to win prizes.

There will be a “mass viewing” for the car launch through the microsite on January 2, 2020. The public can visit Toyota Brunei’s Facebook or Instagram accounts for more details.