BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN – Brunei Shell Marketing (BSM) has launched two new motor fuel products – Shell V-Power Gasoline and Shell V-Power Diesel that will go on sale at selected filling stations from February 16.

HRH Crown Prince Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah, the Senior Minister at the Prime Minister’s Office, Monday launched the Shell V-Power fuels at The Empire Brunei in his capacity as chairman of the BSM board of directors. 

During the launch, BSM Managing Director Muhammad Norshafiee Dato Paduka Hj Abd Jalil said it has been 20 years since BSM introduced a new motor fuel in the Brunei market.

The new Shell V-Power range is for drivers who want to unlock their engine’s full potential through better performance, efficiency and protection, he said.

A BSM employee explains the distribution plan for the new Shell V-Power fuels to HRH the Crown Prince. Photo: Infofoto

What is Shell V-Power?

As the global automotive market evolves, energy companies have been developing car fuels to improve efficiency and lower emissions.

Shell V-Power improves engine performance and efficiency; and helps keep engines clean and protected for efficient running.

Smaller, more powerful engines means hotter running, higher engine load and higher pressure. This can make car engines more susceptible to deposits and wasted energy through friction, which results in reduced performance and efficiency.

New Shell DYNAFLEX technology tackles these different types of engine challenges — deposits, knocks and friction — leading to better deposit control and improved friction reduction.


BSM said the V-Power range is compatible with all vehicles, and that the corporate and light fleet for all Brunei Shell Joint Venture companies will be powered by V-Power from now on. 

To complement the Shell V-Power fuels, BSM will also be introducing the Shell Helix Power lubricant to the Brunei market.

Car dealers to bring in high-performance vehicles

BSM’s Head of Commercial Business, Mohd Adini Hj Mohd Daini, told The Scoop that the introduction of Shell V-Power range will allow Bruneian car dealers to bring in car models that require high-performance fuels.

“Engines of new car models have certain requirement for the quality of fuel used, which is part of the stringent control by the principal manufacturers. By offering Shell V-Power fuels, car dealers can bring in new car models [to the market] as Brunei now has the quality of fuel needed.”

The two new Shell V-Power fuels will be available at the pump for 82 cents per litre, and foreign-registered vehicles will also be able to purchase the new products. 

Shell’s other fuels —  including Shell Premium; Shell Super; Shell Regular and Shell Diesel — will still be available at filling stations at their current prices.  Premium petrol is currently sold at the government-subsidised rate of 53 cents per litre.

HRH the Crown Prince (L) and BSM Managing Director Muhammad Norshafiee launch of the Shell V-Power fuel range at The Empire Brunei on Feb 10. Photo: Infofoto

The managing director said the price of the new V-Power fuels will be reviewed regularly to ensure it remains competitive within the region.

“The Shell V-Power Gasoline and Diesel will be two new fuels added to our existing range of products to offer more choices to our customers,” said Muhammad Norshafiee.

He added that BSM will also look into introducing alternative energy solutions, such as electric vehicle charging and customised non-fuel products.

BSM will be organising roadshows in the coming weeks to promote the Shell V-Power fuel products.

As part of the launch, customers also stand a chance win a Porsche Macan S for every purchase of a Shell V-Power product until June 20. The first few customers will also receive gifts while stocks last.

Shell V-Power Gasoline will be available at 14 retail stations across the country, while Shell V-Power Diesel will be sold at seven filling stations. The full list can be found here.

The article was last updated on Feb 11, 2020 at 5.37pm