Whether you’re a small or large company, managing and keeping track of HSE-related incidents can be a headache.

Enter NuaraSAFE: a web-based and fully integrated health, safety and environment management software that allows for easy and efficient reporting, tracking and management of incidents, near misses, audits and investigations.

The Brunei edition of NuaraSAFE is the first of its kind — tailored specifically for the needs of Bruneian companies and organisations, as well as local regulatory requirements.

How does it work?

NuaraSAFE streamlines HSE related tasks and activities by automating incident reporting and investigation management, recording findings and assigning actions, conducting and evaluating safety audits, as well as creating comprehensive reports and trend analysis.

You can enter and track incidents on your mobile, in real-time.

By integrating and automating these tasks, complete documentation and accountability is ensured at all times. The ability to assign actions while monitoring their completion increases transparency and ensures effective measures are taken to rectify potential threats and to reduce operational risks.

In short you’ll be able to:
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Increase employee safety
  • Lower exposure to operational and financial risk through better control
  • Ease inter-departmental data sharing allowing for real-time information exchange
  • Make better HSE decisions based on real-time statistics and KPI’s
  • Automate and manage organisation’s HSE related workflow
  • Reduce manual processing and potential of human error
  • Reduce inefficiencies and processing time
  • Centralized and fully auditable record of all HSE related inspections, audits and reports

Added to that is the convenience of accessing the system from anywhere, at any time, thanks to the cloud-based setup — you can access it on your mobile, tablet, and your laptop.

There are also several exciting new features in the pipeline, including an add-on module for Permit to Work (PTW) Management as well as real-time on-site personnel tracking that will be released in 2020.

Who is NuaraSAFE for?

NuaraSAFE can be used in various industries and we have success stories in the oil and gas, construction, manufacturing, shipping and logistics, and trading and distribution sectors.

The NuaraSAFE Brunei edition has been tailored to suit the needs of Bruneian companies and local regulatory requirements.

Nuara Group’s Managing Director Barbora Grexa said: “A suitable HSE management system will help you eliminate inefficiencies and reduce the time it takes to take action.

“By having key data available at your fingertips, increased transparency and accountability is ensured. This in turn will help you to draw more precise analysis in order to make better decisions.”

How much will it cost?

Starting at just US$250 per month, NuaraSAFE is available in three packages; Basic, Pro and Enterprise. The details of each plan can be found on our website.

Nuara Group has over 25 years of experience in the software industry. The company started in the 1990s as a family business in Germany and established its ASEAN presence in Brunei in 2016.