BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN – Bruneians can now place food delivery orders at the virtual Gerai Ramadan that was launched on Thursday.

About 50 vendors have joined the online marketplace that was created to support small businesses whose revenues have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD) said more food vendors will be added to the marketplace, allowing Bruneians to “feel the spirit of Gerai Ramadan online” as the government has cancelled the annual Ramadan food bazaar this year.

“Customers can enjoy a safe and secure payment environment, where their sungkai meals for will be delivered directly to their homes, BIBD Chief Marketing Officer Hjh Nurul Akmar Hj Mohd Jaafar was quoted as saying in a press statement.

The virtual Gerai Ramadan is one of two projects under the ‘Community for Brunei’ marketplace, which went live last week.

The virtual marketplace initiative is backed by BIBD and inspired by local entrepreneurs The Collective, Think Axis and Alicia Newn.

Vendors who joined the marketplace are not required to pay registration fees until 16 July 2020.

Hjh Nurul said BIBD will have a discussion with vendors once the three-month waiving of fees ends.

She said said micro and small businesses need not need worry about cash transactions or sourcing delivery companies as these are available on the ‘Community for Brunei’ site.

During a virtual press conference last week, Chief Financial Officer of GoMamam Hadi Adanan said the food delivery is nationwide, but the operating hours for Temburong are different as the bridge that connects the district with the capital closes at 6pm.

The public can place their orders by 6pm for next day delivery, with a $5 delivery fee per vendor.

‘Community for Covid’, the second project on the online marketplace, aims to show support to healthcare workers.

The public can purchase food and beverages, care packages and services from the website and the items will be delivered to frontliners at hospitals across the country.

The website provides information on weekly donation targets to help frontliners at medical centres and hospitals.

Hjh Nurul said a ‘supply and demand’ approach is practised to ensure a more effective distribution of donations and reduce wastage.

Vendors who wish to sell their products can still email BIBD at after they have registered their business with the Registry of Companies and Business Names, opened an MSME account with BIBD and sign up for QuickPay mobile payment service.