Super boost your focus, attention capacity, stamina, energy levels whilst experiencing a new form of hydration. Kure Oxygen packs pure natural spring water from the best springs located in Devon, UK.

Think of the best-known energy drinks, or the morning double espresso, but without the sugar, caffeine, preservatives or E numbers, in fact it’s totally natural, just supercharged water with natural oxygen.

A disruptively unique new form of innovation in a fast-growing space of consumer hydration and wellness. With its light natural spring water taste and bioavailable energy boost it has been widely accepted to most water drinkers in the market as well as a replacement for caffeine addicts looking for the energy fix.

The product is the first of its kind and unlike any normal oxygenated water available in the market it utilises proprietary technology to infuse additional available oxygen into natural spring water without a molecular change.

With thousands of patrons now drinking the water and have testified to gaining enhanced performance, better mental clarity, improved health, sleep and wellbeing.

Kure oxygen water can have a positive effect on a common anomaly found in blood samples which can inhibit tissue oxygenation called rouleaux.

Rouleaux is the stacking up or sticking together of red blood cells. This is an unhealthy state of the blood as the cells are not free to absorb and carry oxygen. It decreases the amount of oxygen available to the tissues.

Tissue oxygenation is the basis of life. The main purpose of blood is to transport oxygen to all parts of the body. When the cells are oxygenated, it supplies nourishment, heat, and detoxify the body.

Consumption of Kure can help with improved blood flow to the extremities and micro capillaries, as well improved oxygenation

An efficient circulation gives the benefit of improved energy and mental clarity. Moreover, adequate oxygenation and hydration improves overall health and increases performance of the human body.

Kure is completely natural, has no chemicals or additives, and is pH balanced at 7.0.

Where can I get Kure Oxygen in Brunei?

Photo: Courtesy of Kure Company Borneo

You can check it out at our booths outside Supa Save Mabohai and Hua Ho Manggis Mall. Our friendly sales reps will help you out with any information you need.

We currently sell Kure in two sizes: $108 for a carton (24 bottles) and $40 for eight bottles.

During Ramadan we have a special offer of $79 for a carton and $30 for eight bottles. Delivery is free if you purchase three cartons and above, otherwise the delivery charge is $5 per trip for Brunei Muara, $10 for Tutong and $15 for Belait.

If you’d like to check out Kure, visit us at Supasave Mabohai, Supasave Seria and Hua Ho Manggis Mall. You can also call 7374477 / 7294477 to discuss purchasing options and delivery services.