Porsche Brunei offers attractive new packages The luxury car retailer welcomes E-Hybrid models to the Brunei market for the first time

The Porsche 992. Photo: Courtesy of Porsche Brunei

QAF Eurokars, the authorised importer and dealer of Porsche vehicles in Brunei Darussalam has recorded a successful first quarter of 2020 with sales up 62.5 percent compared to the same period last year.

On this occasion, QAF Eurokars is announcing the availability of the complete range of models on the market, including the Panamera and Cayenne E-Hybrid models.

The all-electric Porsche Taycan Turbo. Photo: Courtesy of Porsche Centre Brunei

In addition to that, a series of new variants are available, from the sporty Cayenne Coupé models to the performance-oriented 718 and the top of the line 911 Turbo S.

“We are gearing up to unveil our new Porsche Centre at a later part of the year, with the hope to better serve our customers,” said Lahiru De Silva, deputy general manager at QAF Eurokars.

“We will soon welcome the newly-premiered Taycan Turbo S, Taycan Turbo and Taycan 4S, the first all-electric Porsche.

“For now, we would like to ensure that customers in Brunei enjoy even greater satisfaction in buying a Porsche than ever before. Other than the four-year warranty that gives [customers] peace of mind, the entire product line-up is enhanced with more options to give more comfort, safety and a sportier drive.”

The Porsche Cayenne. Photo: Courtesy of Porsche Brunei

QAF Eurokars is offering attractive new packages on the current range of Porsche vehicles with the enhanced standard equipment.

Depending on the model, they provide the customer with upgraded specs and options such as power steering plus, park assist, comfort seats, comfort access, and a Bose surround sound system.

On the exterior, customers can choose from wheel hub covers displaying the coloured Porsche coat of arms, as well as automatically-dimming exterior and interior mirrors.

The Porsche Macan. Photo: Courtesy of Porsche Brunei

The new Macan range starts at $95,900, while the new Cayenne and Panamera retails from $144,900 and $174,900 respectively.

The sports models are priced just as competitively: the 718 range retails from $96,900 and prices for the iconic 911 start from $179,900.

The 718 range. Photo: Courtesy of Porsche Brunei

Porsche has also introduced the Porsche online car configurator that allows customers to build their dream car to their specifications, and then bring that plan to life with the help of the team at the Porsche Centre.

An online vehicle search tool is also available on the official website, making it convenient for customers to find both new and pre-owned vehicles straightaway.

QAF Eurokars aims to bring the purchase experience and business to the next level as the brand is heading towards an electrifying future.

Porsche vehicles are available at the Porsche Centre Brunei, a one-stop facility for sports car enthusiasts which includes a showroom, after-sales services, accessories, among others. It is located the QAF Brunei building in the Beribi Light Industrial Area.
For more information, visit their website, or check out updates on their Facebook and Instagram pages.