BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN – Selling or investing in real estate is a big decision and it’s important to ensure you get the best outcome.

While it isn’t a necessity, getting a real estate agent to help you throughout the process could be the best decision.

But with so much bad clout surrounding agents, it’s hard to find one who’s simply not out there to make a quick buck.

Despite all the bad apples, potential homeowners can still reap the benefits of working with an agent who’s there to help – so yes, the perfect agent does exist!

Here are some ways you can spot them:

1. Constant hustle

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A hardworking property agent has to be prepared to work outside normal working hours.

A good real estate agent usually works longer hours to sell new residential projects.

Aside from marketing and showing properties to clients, they provide other services such as assisting customers to negotiate the best price, overseeing the sale or rental process, handling all the necessary paperwork and sharing accurate market data.

2. Willing to spend

Just like in every business or start-up, an adept property agent knows they need to first invest some money before making a decent wage from closing deals.

For starters, they will spend cash to provide services to clients, even when there’s no guarantee those transactions will go through.

There are also marketing expenses that good agents spend on to promote themselves.

Be it flyers, newspaper ads, social media or online listings – they will spend some money to reach out to as many people as possible.

3. Always listening

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Competing against thousands of property agents, a successful one will stand out to get noticed by potential clients.

They will answer people’s random questions online even though they may not directly lead to sales.

This is because they know people are more likely to choose agents who provide helpful answers than those who give a short and vague response.

4. Knows what pictures to post

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Good agents put in more effort when they handle listings – they stand out by posting clear and visible photos of neat rooms.

They understand the importance of not overdoing it. Instead, they overlay only one picture with contact details as people can get frustrated when they want to see an entire room, but the photo is blocking the view.

Experienced agents are also aware of staying away from picture collages because these will not provide potential customers a clear view of the spaces.

5. No ‘I’ In TEAM

While there’s a need to stand out, every worthy agent is a team player, especially when customers can reap the benefits of cooperation among property agents within a single agency.

Co-broking – when two or more agents are involved in the same property transaction – shortens the time an agent needs to find a buyer or tenant.

Co-broking means agents will need to share the commission with others and home buyers gain too.

6. Time management

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Even if agents have many talents and skills, they won’t succeed if they can’t manage their time and workload.

For example, great agents will consider possible client delays and traffic when scheduling meetings to avoid being late.

This is especially important as being late can give a lasting negative impression.

A well-organised schedule also means an agent will have more freedom to spend quality time with family – a happy agent is a successful one!

7. Sounding and looking sharp

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People are more likely to engage a property agent if they are someone who is comfortable to be around.

Good agents should be genuinely cheerful, enthusiastic and friendly. It also helps if they have a good sense of humour.

Communication is clear and concise with good agents – they get messages across clearly and prevent misunderstandings. This is very important because accurate information is vital in the property industry.

A perfect agent also dresses appropriately for the occasion.

If it’s a high-end restaurant, company premises or the property itself, they should wear a suit, office shirt with slacks, or a dress.

If the meeting is at a coffee shop or an informal setting, they will don smart casual attire such as a polo t-shirt and a pair of pants.

A blazer is usually within reach, in case they need to attend an unexpected formal meeting.

8. Maintaining integrity

Last but not least, all the talent in the world means nothing if agents aren’t honest and lack integrity.

Following their own code of ethics, a good property agent will always safeguard and look after the interest of clients – even if doing so could cause inconvenience to either party.

The perfect agent will never break rules to pocket a higher commission.

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