BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN – You’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on building your dream home and the last thing you want is to waste money on unforeseen repairs.

With Takaful Brunei Am’s (TBA) protection plans, you need not worry about going beyond your budget to keep your home in tip-top condition and protect your family’s safety.

Home maintenance

It is important for you to carry out regular maintenance and repairs by staying on top of things with minor fixes that will help you avoid bigger problems in the long run.

Major structures and electrical wiring should be monitored and serviced regularly as they are not only expensive to replace but can be dangerous if you ignore them.

Regular maintenance will keep your home comfortable and help maximise its value when you decide to sell.

Safety saves you money

Having a home protection package does not mean you should neglect basic home safety measures.

Consider investing in monitored security alarms and installing deadbolt locks, both of which can ward off thieves and prevent a costly break-in.

Easily accessible fire extinguishers are another good addition to your home to reduce the risk of severe damage from a blaze.

Make sure your home gets adequate coverage

The most important part of any Takaful protection scheme is the level of coverage you choose.

Knowing the difference between a basic fire coverage compared to a comprehensive coverage makes a world of difference.

Choosing minimal coverage to spend less may actually force you to spend more in the future.

Be thorough on the type of protection you choose for your home needs.

Keep a log on any big purchases you have done for your home including renovations, electronics, furniture and home appliances to get a better understanding of what needs to be covered.

Liability coverage

Repairing or replacing your home is only part of the equation.

Your home protection can go much further to protect your financial well-being through liability coverage especially when you have friends and family who often visit your home.

Liability coverage is also included in TBA’s Comprehensive Home Package.

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