BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN – All Progresif home WiFi users will be getting automated speed upgrades from April 1, 2021 as speeds of 20Mbps will be increased to a maximum of 50Mbps at no cost.

The telco has also introduced new home WiFi plans with data boost and affordable pricing.

The upgrades will apply to all home WiFi plans with 20Mbps speed customers, including Home Unlimited, One Office and Bundles subscribers.

Progresif said the speed upgrades aim to improve customer experience and support Brunei’s effort to achieve Vision 2035.

As part of its ongoing ‘Double Double WiFi plans’ promotion, Progresif customers can either double their speed with 250GB at 100mbps or double their data with 500GB at 50mbps, both for $59.

Customers who sign up for the ‘Double Double WiFi Plans’ from today until June 30, 2021 will enjoy savings worth $48 as they will pay an exclusive promotional rate of $55 for the first 12 months on an 18-month contract.

Prices are inclusive of $10 monthly fixed line rental and subscribers may also opt for free installation worth $100, or a $100 Lifestyle Rewards voucher.

Progresif has also introduced its new Lifestyle Rewards, where customers who sign up for the One Home or Home Unlimited WiFi plans can grab promotional bonus vouchers valued at $100, $200 and $500.

The vouchers can be used at Incomm, Digital World, Game Central, Netcom, Game On and Chong Hock.

Interested in subscribing to Progresif’s Home WiFi plans? You may visit the nearest Progresif store or call 177 to find out more about the telco’s latest deals.