BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN — The Royal Brunei Armed Forces’ (RBAF) newly-established Cyber Defence Unit will guard against any cyber threats that can have serious implications to national security, His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah said on Wednesday. 

During a visit to the Ministry of Defence at Bolkiah Garrison, the monarch said security is a collective responsibility and that the creation of the Cyber Defence Unit is timely in an era of digital transformation.

The unit will also provide support to Cyber ​​Security Brunei in tackling online threats.

Noting that RBAF will be celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, the sultan said RBAF must enhance its credibility to become a well-respected organisation.

“All parties within RBAF must always show unity and work together regardless of their responsibilities.

“All problems must be addressed through the right chain of command, not shared through social media [platforms] which can affect the integrity of RBAF.”

He added:  “Any shortcomings or weaknesses must be addressed together. This is the purpose for the establishment of RBAF’s PRIHATIN centre.”

His Majesty during a visit to the Ministry of Defence on March 31, 2021. Photo: Infofoto

The monarch said the military needs competent leaders that will put duty before personal gain.

“They must refrain from [engaging in] any negative [behaviour] such as constantly strengthening their position and power for their own benefit, rather than for the benefit of the country.”

He said senior officers must ensure that every employee is treated fairly, and that favoritism, cronyism and nepotism are avoided.

“It is also a necessity for all to ensure that there is no abuse of power or violation of rules. If this happens, then no one can escape punishment. In other words, no one is above the law.”

The sultan expressed hope that the RBAF Defence Academy Officer Cadet School (OCS) will continue to produce professional military officers.

“The Officer Cadet School is an early education centre for the young officers. It determines the quality of these young officers.

“I am confident that senior officers would be able to act wisely in implementing any plans, which includes overcoming all problems facing RBAF personnel. These are among the challenges to be addressed.”