Begawan Athlete Enterprise is known for organising Brunei’s most thrilling ultramarathons since 2018. This April, however, the sporting event company will be trailblazing in an entirely new and refreshing way. As a distributor of Waykana Amazon Guayusa Tea, Begawan Athlete introduces a traditional drink from the rainforests of Ecuador to Brunei and the rest of ASEAN.

The key ingredient is guayusa. Much like its more popularised cousin, the yerba mate, guayusa tea is made from the highly caffeinated leaves of a holly shrub named ilex guayusa. Cultivated mostly by the native kichwa people who consume the tea as a natural energy source, the drink offers an impressive list of other benefits.

Natural kick.

Along with elevated concentrations of caffeine, guayusa tea is steeped in other marvels such as amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants.

The amino acid L-theanine, in particular, makes the tea an appealing brew of choice as it helps to release caffeine more evenly. That means drinkers will get that caffeine buzz while avoiding the spikes or crashes typically associated with coffee consumption.

Stimulates and calms.

While you get all the benefits from caffeine such as alertness, guayusa tea also contains polyphenols and amino acids that improve the mood and induce relaxation. Boosting energy levels as it relaxes, the organic tea offers a sweet paradox.

Sharpens the mind.

Need to stay focused on studying for that upcoming exam? Guayusa tea contains theobromine, a chemical compound that helps to improve concentration. Certain native tribes munch on guayusa leaf or drink guayusa tea to help them stand guard through the night, earning the superfood the name “the night watchman”.

Beauty sips.

The abundance of antioxidants provides many of the associated benefits such as eliminating free radicals in the body, preventing premature ageing and protecting the nervous system.

Tea never tasted so good.

Yet another reason to smile is guayusa’s naturally sweet flavour that comes without any bitterness. This is thanks to the absence of tannin, a substance that is found aplenty in coffee. Tannin also happens to cause stains on teeth.

This may be Begawan Athletes’ first foray into the regional beverage industry but the Waykana range of clean and organic drinks is in line with the company’s core aim to promote wellness.

Waykana Amazon Guayusa teas are now available in major supermarkets around the country.

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