If you haven’t experienced online grocery shopping and delivery, there are plenty of reasons to try it this Ramadhan.

Join 20,000 of Shopifull’s monthly customers who are regularly clicking their way to a basketful of their favourite items from Hua Ho supermarket.

Save $$

Shopping with a plan helps to keep to your budget. On Shopifull, you’re able to see the total cost of your purchases before you checkout, which means you can change items in your basket in a blink, if necessary. Finally, a way to stick to your shopping list!

Save more $$$

There are always offers and discounts on Shopifull. With more categories of products to be launched this Ramadhan, there is sure to be a household favourite that you can save on. What’s more, if you are a BIBD cardholder, you’re entitled to further discounts.

Save the worry

With any online purchases, make sure the site has proper security that safeguards your personal information and transaction. On top of order protection, Shopifull also offers a 30- day money-back guarantee. That’s double the peace of mind.

Save time

Just realised the secret ingredient for the dinner plan is running low? Get on Shopifull before noon to have delivery made the same day. If you prefer a more leisurely pace, standard deliveries reach you the following day. You can also pick up your shopping for free at the Hua Ho supermarkets in OneCity and Kiulap. Either way, more minutes to you!

Create your account on shopifull.com to start taking advantage of our online store or call the hotline at +673-7369777 for more information. Vendors are also welcome.