BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN — If you’re a fan of soy-based drinks, you’ll love Joybean. But don’t just take our word for it, drop by the Joybean kiosk at Mid Valley Shopping Centre and try for yourself. 

With a mission to provide fresh, healthy and delicious soy products, Singaporean franchise Joybean only uses Grade A, non-GMO Canadian soy beans to ensure consumers receive only the best quality of soy milk, which is rich in calcium, vitamins and is a good source of protein.

Opened in June 2021, Joybean has shown that giving traditional soy milk a modern twist is a popular choice with today’s health-conscious Bruneian market.

Joybean products are affordable and suitable for every age group, with traditional food items that will bring back nostalgic memories, such as fresh soy milk, soy puddings, beancurd (tofu fah) and apam balik (pancakes). 

Singapore franchise Joybean has set up a kiosk at GK5, Mid Valley Shopping Centre. Photo: The Scoop

If you’re into creative soy-based beverages, Joybean also offers freezing ice blended soy drinks, premium yogurt drinks (Soyagurt), soy milk tea series, and cream cheese foam drinks that are sure to be crowd-pleasers. 

Some of their best-selling products include Signature Cocoa Cream Cheese, Salted Caramel Cream Cheese, Strawberry Soyagurt, Mango Soyagurt and Matcha Ice Blended drinks. Also worth trying are their soy pudding, which is popular with children.

Joybean said there is a growing demand for its soy-milk drinks and soy puddings for meetings and events because of their nutritious offerings and packaging size.

Joybean’s soy-based beverages range from soy milk, soyagurt drinks to cream cheese foam drinks that cater to all taste buds. Photo: The Scoop

Director of Joybean International Luis Daniel said bringing the Singaporean franchise to Brunei is an opportunity to offer “something similar but different” in the sultanate. 

“There is no one in this niche area of offering soy-based products. As a soy milk specialist, we believe our healthy and delicious products are well-suited to Brunei’s lifestyle and taste buds, he said. 

“The response has been beyond our expectations as initially, we didn’t know how the local market would respond to our soy-based offerings. 

“And we are very encouraged when many of our customers share with us how much they miss traditional fresh soy milk and beancurd and apparently not many shops offer this in Brunei,” he added. 

Joybean’s signature mini rolls pair perfectly with their soy milk for an afternoon treat. Photo: The Scoop

However, Luis said Joybean still needs to broaden its customer reach and spread the joy of drinking soy milk. 

“We are looking forward to next year with the hope that the COVID-19 situation will stabilise,” he said

With the Joybean kiosk providing limited seats, Luis said Joybean shifted its business towards delivery services and encouraged cashless transactions when the second COVID-19 wave hit.

Joybean also offers dessert options such as soya pudding mango for those looking for a modern twist to the classic soya pudding. Photo: The Scoop

“In fact, Joybean took the initiative to voluntarily close operations for two weeks during the initial days of the second wave, in order to ensure the safety of our customers and staff, and to do our little part in helping the country fight this pandemic. 

“After we reopened, we donated our healthy and delicious soy milk and puddings to frontliners to thank them for risking their lives to keep us safe,” he added. 

Joybean products are also available on food delivery service apps HeyDomo and GoMamam. 

You can try Joybean’s wide range of soy-based drinks at its kiosk in GK5, Mid Valley Shopping Centre. Check out Joybean’s Instagram and Facebook pages for the latest news and promotions.