BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN — Bruneian home appliances brand KLEAR opened its first retail stores at Rimba Point and Aman Hills Shopping Centre on Thursday. 

KLEAR Marketing Director Hui Ting Wong said KLEAR Home Appliances is a subsidiary of Cuckoo, focusing on innovative products that make people’s lives easier.

“We adapt our business model from Cuckoo to bring in good technology and products to customers,” she said in an interview with The Scoop.

Among the products available are Hizero Bionic Floor Cleaner, KLEAR Mastercook, KLEAR Titan and KLEAR Undersink Filtration Enhancer.

Marketing Director for KLEAR Hui Ting Wong at the opening of Klear’s first retail store at Rimba Point. Photo: The Scoop

The opening of KLEAR’s first retail stores marked the start of its expansion plans, with the local brand aiming to set up six stores nationwide.

“For 2022, we started with the launch of two kiosk style stores. Eventually we want to expand up to six stores nationwide as well as one experience centre where customers can really see the full [range of] products at the flagship store,” Wong added.

KLEAR Mastercook is a 10-in-1 cooking appliance that can chop, knead, steam and weigh ingredients. Photo Courtesy of Klear

Klear Mastercook

One of the popular products is KLEAR Mastercook — a 10 in 1 appliance that will take cooking to the new level, allowing users to cook, chop, mix, knead, boil, steam, grind, whisk, emulsify, sauté and weigh ingredients.

“The 10-in-1 features help save costs and it is suitable for beginners who want to learn how to cook at home.

“During the pandemic, we have seen an increase in customers purchasing KLEAR Mastercook because they want to learn to cook at home,” added Wong.

KLEAR staff explaining the features of Hizero Bionic Floor Cleaner. Photo: The Scoop

Hizero Bionic Floor Cleaner

KLEAR has also brought in products from Chinese home appliance brand Hizero, including its Bionic Floor Cleaner — the world’s first all-in-one bionic hard floor cleaner that sweeps, mops and dries with Hizero UltimateClean™ technology. 

“We are the first in Hizero’s global market to offer a three-year warranty on the product as well as rent-to own-plan,” Wong said.

KLEAR Undersink Filtration Enhancer. Photo: Courtesy of Klear

You can get your hands on these innovative products through the rent-to-own plans for as low as $19 per month!  KLEAR also offers excellent after-sales services with technicians always ready to help with maintenance and repairs.

Customers can approach any of the friendly KLEAR sales staff at the stores in Rimba Point and Aman Hills Shopping Centre for a product demonstration.

Check out KLEAR for more updates on upcoming products and promotions.