Laurastar ironing systems will soon be available in Brunei after Cuckoo International (B) Sdn Bhd signed a partnership agreement with the Swiss brand on Monday to distribute its products in the sultanate.

The Swiss brand’s first foray into the Brunei market will feature three products — Laurastar SMART-U, Laurastar Lift and Laurastar IGGI.

Laurastar Co-CEO Julie Monney said the products will make it easier for Brunei consumers to preserve their fabrics.

She added that Laurastar will undertake all repairs of its products for a minimum period of 10 years as part of its business strategy to fight against planned obsolescence.

A family-owned business since 1980, Laurastar began creating watches and jewellery before manufacturing professional ironing systems that combine a steam generator and an ironing board in a single system.

Laurastar Smart-U is the Swiss brand’s flagship product equipped with a suction and blower system, steam generator and professional iron. Photo: courtesy of Laurastar

Over 40 years later, it has developed Dry Microfine Steam Technology (DMS) — powerful, fast, expansive, dry and suitable for all materials and surfaces.

DMS eliminates pathogenic microorganisms that can remain in the laundry after machine washing on a short programme or at low temperatures.

“Scientific tests conducted by an independent Swiss laboratory have shown that DMS eliminates 99.999 percent of viruses, including coronaviruses, as well as bacteria and fungi, and 100 percent of mites.

“This technology makes sure to beautify, purify and preserve all kinds of fabrics and help cement Laurastar as the world leader in high quality steaming systems,” said Michael Monney, Laurastar co-CEO.

L to R: Cuckoo International Head of Sales Planning and Revenue Kevin Tay and Senior Operations Manager Jeremy Chun answering questions from guests. Photo: The Scoop

Cuckoo Brunei Senior Operations Manager Jeremy Chun said the Brunei market for high-quality steaming systems can grow rapidly due to Laurastar’s innovative and long-lasting products.

He said the Laurastar products will improve the quality of living among Brunei residents and help Cuckoo achieve its goal of becoming a “healthy home creator” in the country.

“Stay tuned for price announcements but it will be cheaper than Singapore. This is a very premium product, but we want it to be affordable to everyone.

“The only way to do that is to offer an affordable monthly payment plan so that everybody will have a chance to own this product,” Chun added.

Laurastar Smart-U comes with an app that turns your smartphone into a one-on-one coach on ironing techniques and maintenance. Photo: Courtesy of Laurastar

Laurastar Smart-U 

One of the products that will be brought to Brunei include Laurastar’s flagship product Smart-U. It is an active table equipped with a suction and blower system, steam generator and professional iron.

It comes with a mobile application that turns your smartphone into a connected one-on-one coach, providing advice on ironing techniques and support for the system’s maintenance. 

Smart-U also features pulsed steam technology to ensure an optimum amount of steam for perfect results, regardless of the colour or fabric of your clothing. 

Steam will be released without clicking any buttons as the Sensteam technology senses the movements users make.

Laurastar Lift can iron, steam and purify garments. Photo: Courtesy of Laurastar

Laurastar Lift 

Designed with Swiss standards, Laurastar Lift is a 3-in-1 steam station that irons, steams and purifies simultaneously.

Users are not required to adjust the temperature, and the iron’s 3D soleplate prevents creases. 

Laurastar IGGI is the first compact and stylish hygienic steamer that disinfects fabrics and objects. Photo: The Scoop

Laurastar IGGI 

Laurastar IGGI is the first compact and stylish hygienic steamer that disinfects fabrics and objects.

Whether at home or travelling, IGGI disinfects small everyday objects in the blink of an eye, from bags, toys, fabric masks, helmets, door handles, cushions, glasses, keys to baby items. 

Laurastar IGGI is also available in red. Photo: Courtesy of Laurastar

Thanks to its compact and portable nature, it can fit easily into a bag or suitcase and travel with you everywhere.

The hygienic steamer helps reduce allergies, bad odour and the risk of infections linked to bacteria, viruses and fungi. 

All Laurastar products will be available at Klear home appliance stores at Rimba Point, Aman Hills and Times Square in August.