A local company with a regional presence: Meet CT Solutions


This article is brought to you by Regus


This article is brought to you by Regus

From Brunei to Malaysia, CT Solutions has been helping companies big and small —- processes. An affiliate of a Malaysian academy, CT Solutions provides management consultation, as well as learning and development courses for its clients. Started five years ago, CT Solutions has fast been building momentum. We speak to them about their journey in setting up their Brunei office, and how Regus has been able to support their expansion into a new market.

Hi Edward! Tell us about CT Solutions and the work you do in Brunei.

Edward Tee: We’re affiliated with another company in Malaysia called City Global Consultants. The products and services we offer are mostly consultation and training. So we do service management consultations, as well as training on service management.

It’s all about improving the services they offer — not only customer service but the whole service process itself. We also do business process re-engineering, as well as help companies incorporate new technology into their businesses.

That sounds great. So who have you worked with locally?

Edward: One of the key products that we carry is called the ITIL Foundation course. That’s one of the key certifications for IT and digital service delivery.

So we have implemented that certification for one of the local banks and a couple of small startups here.

Because this is a key international certification, it also adds value to your services — not just for the person themselves, but for the company as a whole because it shows they are using a standard international process.

When you say service management, what does that mean in layman’s terms?

Edward: So, in service management, the idea to manage all the activities related to the particular service.

For example, let’s say I’m an IT company. I supply you a computer, a laptop. That’s my service to you – the product, as well as my after-sales service.

You have to manage your suppliers; the products; what customers want; the value; and the satisfaction the customer will receive at the end.

So in service management, we will train the company or the business owner on how to manage all these processes efficiently. Not just in terms of cost efficiency or productivity, but also in terms of generating customer value.

So you’ve been using Regus facilities for some time now. As a small company, how has it been beneficial for you?

Edward: I have about three consultants in Brunei. Most of the time we are doing consultations and we don’t really stay in office from 9-5.

One of the reasons why I signed on with Regus is because it’s so easy — I just signed the agreement and they do everything for me. They handle all the logistics like reception, phone lines, internet, printing and so on. It allows us to focus on our core business.

I don’t have to think about office space or where to go for meetings, or look for a space to conduct my training. I can just simply go online book a room.

It also reflects well on the company that I have a proper corporate setting, even though I’m just a small company.

As a consultant, I deal with a lot of corporate clients and they want to see formality like a reception area, a nice business lounge, landlines etc.

When we first started up, we couldn’t afford all that. That’s where Regus comes in, which I think has helped me a lot in my journey of development.

What would you say to any startup looking for an office space and considering Regus?

Edward: Startups should take advantage of a service like Regus, because you cannot lose focus of your core activity, whatever your business is, to some things like furniture, office space, rentals and all that.

You can just pay a tenancy subscription to Regus and they will just handle all the core office logistics while you go out and build a business.

We embrace hybrid working because most of the time we’ll be working at our clients’ office, but when we need to do some office work or have a meeting, then we meet up at Regus.

Regus has helped me a lot in my journey, so I really appreciate that and I hope other startups would consider them when they start their businesses as well.

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