If you visit a Bruneian home, chances are you will find at least one Cuckoo product.

Around half of Bruneian households — 36,000 in total — have at least one Cuckoo product in them.

Styling themselves as a healthy home appliance brand, Cuckoo Brunei began its journey in 2016 focusing on improving Bruneians’ quality of living through its “Beyond Standards” initiative.

The focus has now shifted to expanding and diversifying their product range to advance its mission to become the number one ‘Healthy Home’ creator in Brunei. 

“After six years in Brunei, Cuckoo is responsible for the healthy living of over 36,000 households,” said Cuckoo Brunei’s Managing Director Wong Kim Guan.

“Going into the seventh year, we will be bringing more innovative products and attractive plans, along with top-level after sales service.”

The brand celebrated its sixth anniversary on Wednesday by launching three new products: the Cuckoo XCEL Water Purifier; Cuckoo Titan; and Cuckoo Warrior Top.

Fifteen staff from the Cuckoo Sales team were recognised for their outstanding performance. Photo: The Scoop

Cuckoo XCEL Water Purifier

The XCEL is a state-of-the-art water purifier that has been fitted with various technologies, such as the operation status indicator, manual and auto-water dispense function, and the one-touch direct control button. 

With its clean, elegant and minimalist design, the Cuckoo XCEL Water Purifier is the perfect fit for your kitchen. 

The three-in-one temperature water purifier is available in Aqua Mint, Moon White and Jet Black.

Starting October 27, you can purchase your own Cuckoo XCEL for an outright price of $1,300.

Cuckoo Titan Water Purifier

This slim, compact and tankless water purifier can instantly heat up and dispense water up to 100°C, making it the smallest yet most powerful water purifier in heating. 

The Titan is fitted with cutting-edge technology to keep your drinking water clean, while still maintaining a minimalist and modern design, making it the perfect water purifier for your home or office. 

At the touch of a button, Cuckoo Titan is able to remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables and eliminate up to 99.9% of germs with its sterilisation function. It is also equipped with Cuckoo In & Out Auto-Electrolysis Sterilisation technology that cleans its pipes and faucets on a regular basis. 

The Titan features smart functions such as a voice navigation system in English and Malay, an energy saving mode, lighting mode and hidden touch safety features.

From October 27, the Cuckoo Titan will hit shelves at an outright price of $1,900.

Cuckoo Brunei Managing Director Wong Kim Guan (L) launches the state-of-the-art Cuckoo XCEL Water Purifier. Photo: The Scoop

A New Warrior in Town — The Cuckoo Warrior Top

The CucKoo Warrior Top water purifier is the first mechanical water purifier with a faucet function to help remove any impurities and prevent bacterial growth. 

Cuckoo Warrior Top has a 5.2 litre high-capacity antibacterial, stainless steel water tank – the perfect 3-in-1 temperature mild alkaline water purifier for families and offices. 

The brand-new water purifier was also carefully designed with a tall outlet space of 21cm to allow larger bottles and mugs to fit perfectly under the dispenser.

The Cuckoo Warrior Top is available at the Cuckoo brand store with a rent-to-own plan. You can make the Warrior Top yours for only $39 per month for seven years, with Natural Care services included. 

New partnership with Advansse

Cuckoo Brunei has also launched a strategic partnership with local electronic distribution company Advansse.

Advansse aims to enhance customers’ shopping experience in the electrical appliance industry, as well as provide great before and after-sales experience and affordable payment choices.

With this partnership, Cuckoo Brunei hopes to add more value to Bruneian homes by introducing new product categories such as Hisense televisions, washing machines and entertainment systems.