It’s great seeing people travel to their favourite destinations once again. Family trips, backpacking and all sorts of adventures are now on the agenda.

As the world slowly recovers from the pandemic, travel can still be risky. Even minor inconveniences, such as flight delays or lost luggage, can be enough to dampen your travel experience.

Here are some of the most common mishaps faced by travellers:

1. Accident or illness

No one thinks they will get sick on holiday. But even something as common as the flu or a stomach bug can derail our holiday plans.

As foreigners, we’re not entitled to free medical treatment abroad and many of us are not accustomed to the high cost of healthcare in other countries. Without takaful or insurance, you could end up with a huge medical bill you can’t afford.

2. Theft

As travellers, we often become a target for pickpockets or baggage thieves. You could end up losing your cash, belongings or worse — your passport.

Certain precautions can be taken, such as avoiding dangerous areas, keeping your personal belongings close, or travelling in large groups. These can discourage would-be thieves and burglars, but losing anything from theft can be a major inconvenience.

3. Lost or delayed baggage

There is nothing worse than arriving at your destination only to find your bags haven’t made it. Sometimes they can end up in a completely different destination due to airport mix-ups.

Retrieving your luggage may take days or even weeks — if you ever get it back. Loss of luggage means extra expenditure on basics such as toiletries, clothing, and a new suitcase on top of everything else.

4. Cancelled or delayed flights

Unforeseen circumstances can lead to cancelled or delayed flights and missed connections.

You could find yourself having to stay for hours, or even days, waiting for the next available flight. Having to fork more cash to cover accommodation, transport, and food can be super frustrating.

While there are certain things beyond our control, we can be prepared.

And the best way to prepare for the unexpected is to get your trip covered with Takaful Brunei Am Sdn Bhd’s Musafir Takaful. Travel with peace of mind knowing your plan will take care of any eventualities.

Musafir Takaful is available through the TBA Call Centre 224 4000, Whatsapp at 743 4000, or on the Takaful Brunei Mobile app.

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