Intracorp, as the sole distributor of Mayer & Mistral, is celebrating Mayer’s 35th year in the business and Mistral’s proud 54-year heritage.

As an air-moving specialist, Mistral’s heritage is combined with modern energy-efficient designs, thus ensuring that the brand always delivers premium quality air-moving products every time.

Mistral always evolves – bringing together its expertise and injecting fluid lines, form, and function to create premium quality air-moving products that cater for every lifestyle need.

Mayer Marketing, on the other hand, has grown into a brand trusted by customers as a provider of quality home and kitchen appliances. Mayer brings fun, innovation and excitement back to the kitchen and aspires to make home cooking household activity enjoyable.

You can now get your hands on exclusive Disney Mayer, Disney Mistral, Marvel Mayer collections available at all Intracorp showrooms.

“This is a collaboration with Disney allowing Mayer x Mistral an exclusive collection that hopes to delight customers by bringing fun, innovation, and excitement into their homes, igniting a sense of wonder and imagination among all,” Intracorp said in its statement.

What’s a birthday bash without amazing discounts and prizes?

Check out the discounted prices for Mayer X Mistral products and participate in the online and offline contest for a chance to win Disney x Mayer products.

If you are born in the year 1987 and 1968, you are also eligible for 10 percent discounts off your purchase!

To find out more about the Mayer x Mistral birthday bash visit Intracorp’ showrooms, or check out intracorpbn for the latest deals and promotion.