BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN – The Ministry of Health (MoH) is calling on more people to download the recently-launched MoHcares app to help the ministry gather feedback on its services.

After launching in May, the app (which is only available on Android devices) has only received 160 downloads as of August 10, said Pg Anuar Husaini Pg Hj Rambli, head of MoH’s corporate communications unit.

He said the app — which compliments the ministry’s other feedback mechanisms — needs more exposure in order to be effective.

So far it has received just 60 submissions — but only 27 were genuine.

“We received comments on why the waiting time at Accident & Emergency is too long, and they suggested that we add more doctors,” Pg Anuar said. “The rest [of the submissions] were hoaxes and pranks… people just want to try it out.” 

All feedback and comments received through MoHcares will be submitted to the respective departments for further action.

“The comments do reach us and we do send them to the relevant departments,” the MoH spokesperson assured, adding that the app does not supersede the function of the Talian Darussalam Hotline 123, which acts as a complaints mechanism for all government agencies.