BRUNEI-MUARA — It’s been a long stressful day and you’re desperately looking for a pick-me-up treat, what should you do? Head on over to Stressed Milkshake Bar, of course!

Brunei’s first ever milkshake bar has re-opened — bigger and better —  and is ready to serve you your choice of icy goodness to help shake that frown upside down.

Recently relocated to the bustling Delima Jaya Kompleks in Serusop, the new storefront boasts a menu with over 50 flavours. You will be left spoilt for choice to pick and choose and “build your own dessert drink (BYOD)”.

“We do not want to limit the choices for our customers, if there isn’t a [candy bar or combination] available in-store that suits their liking, we welcome customers to bring their own chocolates or other ingredients they want us to blend into their milkshake,” the store manager said.

How does Stressed Milkshake Bar’s BYOD concept work?

As the fictitious Mr Wonka puts it: Pure imagination.

You’re just a few easy steps away from the milkshake of your dreams. Firstly, choose one or two or three or 10 of your favorite chocolate bar or ingredients to be blended with ice-cream and milk. Then, if you so desire, you can add a sauce to drizzle on top.

Finally, finish the drink off with your choice of toppings.

A Stressed Milkshake Bar employee preparing an order. Photo: The Scoop

“We have had customers bring in their own chocolate bar and other ingredients, and we welcome this. We also welcome feedback because we aim to serve our customers better.”

The milkshake bar also offers a few specials such as its “Lacta Shake” for nursing mothers which is a blended combination of dates, almond milk and other nutritious goodness. There is also a customisable protein shake for the more health conscious.

To shake things up and introduce more exciting options, it will be collaborating with other vendors in the near future.

Want to try it out? Here’s the info

Stressed Milkshake Bar is open daily from 10am to 10pm, except on Fridays where it will close for two hours (from 12pm to 2pm) to observe the Friday prayer.

You can make your way to its new storefront located at Unit B19, Block B, Spg 62,  Delima Jaya Kompleks. Alternatively, you can get your order delivered via Dots Deliver.

The Stressed Milkshake Bar’s new location in Serusop. Photo: The Scoop