BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN – Whether you’re after fuel efficiency or optimal engine performance, Shell’s latest V-Power fuels have been formulated to meet the needs of the most discerning motorist.

Developed over five years by Shell scientists and Ferrari experts, V-Power is designed to help maximise the performance and efficiency of cars in every driving condition.

As the only fuel co-engineered with and recommended by Ferrari, two variants of the Shell V-Power fuels – Gasoline and Diesel – were launched in the Brunei market eight months ago.

Preparations for the launch took more than two years with Brunei Shell Marketing (BSM) aiming to bring the best fuel products to the sultanate, said its managing director Muhammad Norshafiee Dato Paduka Hj Abd Jalil.

The introduction of the new fuels are important to cope with the advancement of newer vehicle engines, he said, which require higher quality fuels to optimise engines’ potential.

The new V-Power range will allow car dealers to bring in newer models and meet the needs of motoring enthusiasts who demand greater performance and efficiency.

A total of 11,909 cars were sold in Brunei last year, a 6.1 percent increase from 2018, according to data from the ASEAN Automotive Federation.

HRH the Crown Prince (L) and BSM Managing Director Muhammad Norshafiee launch the Shell V-Power fuel range at The Empire Brunei on Feb 10. Photo: Rasidah Hj Abu Bakar/The Scoop

A visit to Shell Technology Centre, Hamburg

Before the launch of the V-Power range in Brunei, BSM invited Bruneian media to visit the Shell Technology Centre in Hamburg, Germany in April of last year.

Founded in 1956 as a local lab, the centre is now part of the Shell Global R&D network employing over 300 international staff.

The centre focuses on research and testing with expertise in fuels, marine and power engineering, lubricants, greases, engine and vehicle technology testing.

“With the next generation of fuels, we continue to be a world leader in fuel development,” said Rudiger Heine, implementation manager of Shell Global Solutions.

Under pressure to improve efficiency and lower emissions, he said engines have been rapidly evolving.

“The main challenges of modern engines which are smaller, more powerful engines are hotter running, higher engine load and higher pressure. This makes the engines susceptible to deposits and wasted energy through friction. As a result, there is reduced performance and efficiency,” Heine said.

Implementation Manager of Shell Global Solutions Rudiger Heine speaks to media at the Shell Technology Centre in Hamburg, Germany. Photo: Rasidah Hj Abu Bakar/The Scoop

DYNAFLEX Technology: Keeping your engine clean, maximising performance

Shell V-Power fuels are powered with DYNAFLEX technology – strong cleaning agents designed to clean and protect the engine.

New Shell DYNAFLEX technology works across different types of engine challenges: deposits, knock and friction. It delivers a powerful combination of benefits and helps to keep engines clean and protected for efficient running.

The powerful deposit control additives in both Shell V-Power Gasoline and Shell V-Power Diesel help control dirt deposits in the fuel system.

Shell V-Power gasoline also contains friction reducing molecules. Friction takes place between the pistons and cylinder wall and can cause up to 15 percent of an engine’s energy loss.

Shell V-Power gasoline has three times more friction reducing molecules than Shell’s regular gasoline to help reduce frictional losses.

“The new DYNAFLEX technology friction reducing molecules is more effective in a wide range of conditions,” said Heine.

“The molecules form a robust film, which means it can help to reduce friction under a wider range of conditions compared to our previous generation friction reducing technology.”

Shell V-Power Diesel with DYNAFLEX technology helps to restore up to 100 percent of an engine’s performance.

BSM invited Bruneian media to visit Shell stations in Hamburg, Germany in the lead up to the V-Power range launch in Brunei. Photo: Rasidah Hj Abu Bakar/The Scoop

Powering Brunei’s automotive future

Shell V-Power was first launched in Hong Kong in 1998, with the diesel version introduced in Italy in 2001. The premium fuels are now available in more than 60 markets globally.

Since the launch of V-Power in the sultanate, all of the Brunei Shell Joint Venture companies have been using it to power their corporate and light fleet. 

BSM said consumers don’t have to worry about availability of Shell’s other fuels — Premium, Super, Regular and Diesel — they are still available at local filling stations without any change in pump prices.

The V-Power gasoline and diesel fuels are meant to supplement, and not replace, existing fuel products, said BSM, and provide a high-performance alternative for the Brunei market.

Pricing for Shell V-Power Gasoline and Shell V-Power Diesel will fluctuate based on crude oil market prices, as they are not subject to government fuel subsidies.

As of June 1, the pump prices for V-Power Gasoline and V-Power Diesel are valued at 79 cents per litre and 82 cents per litre respectively. 

Shell V-Power Gasoline is available at these 14 retail stations nationwide while Shell V-Power Diesel is available at these seven.